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  • Yellow Divers, 2016, Anna Marrow - CultureLabel - 1
  • Yellow Divers, 2016, Anna Marrow - CultureLabel - 2
Yellow Divers, 2016, Anna Marrow - CultureLabel - 1
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Yellow Divers, 2016, Anna Marrow - CultureLabel - 1 Yellow Divers, 2016, Anna Marrow - CultureLabel - 2

Anna Marrow

Yellow Divers

Gas Gallery

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Hand-coloured Limited Edition Print

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A brand new release in March 2016 - this beautiful hand printed by Anna Marrow at Spike Island, Bristol. 

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition of 20. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print is hand printed on Somerset satin, 350gsm paper with 6 colours 

About the Artist

Anna Marrow has been working as a printmaker, illustrator and image-maker for 20 years. She studied Fine Art in Bristol and then Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, specialising in illustration. She now draws at home and make prints at Spike Print Studio, Bristol, working with household paints, biros, fine liners, pencil crayons and screen print. Most of her prints begin as biro and ink drawings in my sketch book. They are developed into collages, and later become screen prints.

Anna makes surprising, sometimes humorous or alarming images by combining mundane objects and environments with exotic creatures and characters. Pin pointing a specific moment in time, she is often often drawn to objects from her childhood such as 70s televisions, radios and cars which all feature heavily in her work, as do urban and suburban landscapes.

' I love architecture, particularly Victorian and contemporary brutalist buildings. A combination of the two seems to echo most of the places I have lived; Liverpool, London and Bristol. My main concerns are detail, specific drawing, surprising colour, composition, and believable story telling. I love the craft of drawing and think it is more important than ever in our fast paced digital age - to take time out and observe carefully. I enjoy the innocence and romance of old musicals and like to draw the characters from them. Birds also feature in my work I am drawn to them because of their contrasting features of soft feathers and sharp beaks, and their fascinating details. More recently I have been looking at people who are attempting to fly. Divers, wing walkers, synchronised swimmers and evil kenievel will all be appearing soon so watch this space…'


6 colour hand printed screenprint

Size: 38 x 57 cm 

Paper: 4 torn edges. Somerset satin, 350 gsm

* note: this print has been photographed and the colour may vary.

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