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  • The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo - CultureLabel - 1
  • The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo - CultureLabel - 2
The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo - CultureLabel - 1
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The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo - CultureLabel - 1 The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo - CultureLabel - 2

Javacheff Christo

The Yellow Umbrellas

Art Wise

£35.00 GBP

Limited Edition Lithograph Print


The Yellow Umbrellas, Javacheff Christo, 1991

Unsigned Offset Lithograph printed in 1991.

The overall size of the Offset Lithograph is 20 x 18 inches.

The condition of this piece has been graded as A: Mint.

About the Print

In October of 1991 Christo and his collaborator Jean-Claude constructed an installation in two valleys, in Japan, north of Tokyo and one in California, north of Los Angeles. 960 yellow umbrellas were stretched along the length of the Californian valley and 920 blue umbrellas along the valley in Japan. The intention was to demonstrate the similarities and differences of the two valleys and the two countries. This piece is a collage in homage to the project, something that Christo often produces so as to raise both awareness and funds for his projects. 

About the Artist

Artist preoccupied with packaging, sometimes on a vast environmental scale. Born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, full name Christo Javacheff. Studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia 1952-6 and began as a social realist painter. Studied stage design in Prague in 1956 then fled to Vienna, where he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts under Wotruba. Afterwards moved to Geneva and in 1958 to Paris. Met Pierre Restany, Arman and Spoerri and made his first wrapped objects and his first walls of oil drums. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Haro Lauhus, Cologne, 1965. Moved to New York in 1964 and began soon afterwards to make full-scale store fronts, with the windows screened off inside. His interest in carrying out his ideas on a huge scale led to the creation of air packages (notably a sausage-shaped balloon for the Documenta 4 exhibition at Kassel 1968); the actual wrapping up of buildings (the Kunsthalle, Bern, in 1968 and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art in 1969); the packaging of a mile of coastline near Sydney, Australia, 1969; the Valley Curtain for Colorado 1972; and the Running Fence for California 1976. Lives in New York.

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