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  • ‘Solo’ Kenter, Hugh Holland - CultureLabel
‘Solo’ Kenter, Hugh Holland - CultureLabel
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Hugh Holland

‘Solo’ Kenter

Crane Kalman Brighton

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Limited Edition Photographic Print



    ‘Solo’ Kenter, 1976

    Limited Edition

    This print is a limited edition in two different sizes.

    About the Artist

    Hugh Holland, a self-taught artist, began experimenting with photography in the late 1960’s but didn’t discover his definitive subject until his move to Los Angeles from his native Oklahoma. His colour images are exceptional in their on-going contemporary feel. Shot with a special colour film and often taken during late afternoon, everything is bathed by the soft illumination of the low-lying sun. Special attention is paid to line and form, transforming the snap shot images to appear like carefully composed film stills.

    These seminal images document the classic era of the early skateboard scene in California in the early 1970’s, with many of the images featuring the now legendary names of the sport, such as Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta. Holland began documenting the burgeoning phenomenon in 1975 after becoming instantly captivated through a chance encounter with a group of skateboarding kids whilst driving up Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

    Fervent enthusiasm for the energy of the counterculture quickly certified Holland’s acceptance within the community. Every spare moment was spent capturing the everyday social interactions of groups, such as the notorious Z-boys from Santa Monica and Venice and the skaters of Kenter Canyon, Paul Revere and Brentwood.

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