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  • SO COOL, Duggie Fields - CultureLabel
  • SO COOL, Duggie Fields - CultureLabel
SO COOL, Duggie Fields - CultureLabel
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SO COOL, Duggie Fields - CultureLabel SO COOL, Duggie Fields - CultureLabel

Duggie Fields


Duggie Fields

Sold Out

Limited Edition Signed Poster


Here's your your chance to own a limited edition, signed poster print by conceptual pop-artist Duggie Fields 'SO COOL'. Limited run of 100 signed posters.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition of 100. Signed and numbered by the artist.

500mm x 500mm

About ‘So Cool’:

In my past it was first a pencil then a paintbrush that I would find stuck in my hand for hours on end whilst working. Now I find the keyboard and mouse added to these tools that influence the decisions that flow between mind, hands and eyes, and so the stuff that I can affect has likewise evolved from the canvasses and drawings, the murals, wall-paintings, furniture, clothes badges and pins that I used to make, into the infinite space of the digital virtual world, where they have acquired new directions. Degrees of movement and sound unexpected evolving unpredictable with new resources that have the ability to cross the world in an instant. Exciting, challenging and just SO COOL.

About Duggie Fields:

Conceptual Pop artist, Duggie Fields, is not only an important British artist but also one of the capital's cool fashion icons and trend setters. Much of Fields' work distorts cartoons from our childhood and the London Fields creates in some of his work is a psychedelic, fantastical version of the city that we know and love. He asks us to dive head first into an acid trip of vibrancy and alternate reality. His video installations are whirlwinds of culture references and media bombardment. It's that eerie sensation of déjà vu, where images we've seen from Instagram that very day pop up again, or other artists, like Duane Hanson or Dali, have their pieces moulded into an entirely new creation. He is very much a digital artist, as well as painter, who defines his own territory on the London landscape, and indeed the virtual one - "Fact is these days I spend as long with a paintbrush in my hand as I do with the computer mouse. It's my hand, my eye, and my mind. Painting is the more sensual act, but the computer takes me into areas of creativity I never expected to find myself. Both are endlessly fascinating, stimulating, seductive, captivating, equally fraught with emotional tangles, mistakes, traumatic accidents, but with surprising and rewarding twists and turns. Totally absorbing, preoccupying, time consuming, rewarding, life enhancing, enslaving and ultimately, fun."

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