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  • Rest In Peace, Deepak Chowdhury - CultureLabel
Rest In Peace, Deepak Chowdhury - CultureLabel
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Rest In Peace

Deepak Chowdhury

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Limited Edition Photographic Print

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Rest In Peace (2008), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India — Inkjet on Paper

Limited Edition

Limited Editions of 15, each signed and dated by the artist.

About the Photographic Print

This photographic image is the work of artist Deepak Chowdhury from an Art Portfolio titled Moments in Time. Printed on 380 gsm museum-quality archival paper from Hahnemühle of Germany, this limited-edition work is handmade in the artist's studio. Inkjet on paper. Signed and dated by the artist. Editions of 15.

Art Portfolio: Moments In Time

Despite its countless contradictions, India is a place of boundless beauty. There was something timeless about my recent travels through my homeland.

I saw it in the smiling faces of village children, deriving untold pleasure from simple things like a worn out ball or a piece of string. I witnessed it in the ruins of the ancient monuments that dotted the countryside, and in the flower petals on my hotel bed that read “God is Love,” and “Have a Happy Day.” I tasted it in the variety of delicious foods that were being freshly prepared in roadside shacks, and on street corners. I smelled it in the night fragrances of the jasmine and raat-ki-rani flowers, and in the early morning aroma of burning incense sticks. I heard it in the distant, deep-throated whistle of the locomotive, transporting people to far-away places. I could almost touch it, but not quite, because India’s essence transcends physicality.

I shall return, if not in this life, then in the next; if not in this form, then in another, to live the experience again.

About the Artist

Deepak left his professional career in 2007 to explore areas of passion that were outside the corporate world, and he found it in travel and photography. The breadth of Deepak’s photographic interests span a range of subjects, such as clouds, graffiti, temple art, ancient erotic sculpture, and the truck art of South Asia. He is also an ardent photographer of village life in India, which he primarily captures while travelling by car, his preferred mode of transport in the country.

Deepak has also begun exploring the area of composite art, which thoughtfully incorporates and combines his diverse range of photographic interests. This includes his portfolio titled “Impermanence,” which brings together images of clouds and graffiti from all over the world. He has recently added a series titled “Boundless,” which pays homage to the wondrously colourful style of the women in the towns and villages of India.


Image size: 31 inches by 45 inches; 79 cm by 114 cm
Paper size: 33 inches by 46 inches; 84 cm by 117 cm
Sizes: 79 cm x 114 cm (image size)

Handmade image printed on 380 gsm art paper by Hahnemühle of Germany.


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