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  • Harpa, Bronwen Sleigh - CultureLabel
  • Harpa, Bronwen Sleigh - CultureLabel
Harpa, Bronwen Sleigh - CultureLabel
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Harpa, Bronwen Sleigh - CultureLabel Harpa, Bronwen Sleigh - CultureLabel

Bronwen Sleigh


Glasgow Print Studio

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Hand-coloured Limited Edition Etching

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Harpa, 2012 by Bronwen Sleigh

Abstract image in an edition of 30 depicting architectural shape and form, there is a strong grey background made up of delicate lines going into a tunnel shape and a hand coloured red structure which sits beautifully against the strong grey background.

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition etching of 30.

Medium: Etching & Hand Coloured
Image Size: 22 x 22 cms | Paper Size: 22 x 22 cms

About the Artist

Bronwen Sleigh makes prints, drawings and objects, taking inspiration from industrial architecture, unused and forgotten urban spaces and the environment at the edge of the city. Her work aims to provoke a consideration and dialogue with these spaces - these vast engineered constructions, which have been carved into the natural landscape. Borrowing the aesthetic of the industrial and the weathered, these elements are transformed through the processes of her practice, to create images and objects which resonate with the energy of these inhuman lands.

Influenced by the phenomenon of the contemporary urban inner city landscape, Bronwen Sleigh works from photographs that collide the "progressive" elements of urban development with the destruction of nature in a constantly evolving and shifting landscape. Meticulously reconstructing such urban environments, from her own photographs, into three-dimensional maquettes first, she eventually transforms the original inhabitable spaces from monstrous proportions to etched abstracted maps or nets. The flattened abstractions allow the viewer to experience such urban landscapes distilled; to meditate on their particular beauty but also to contemplate their strained relationship with nature as "progress" takes its course.

Browen Sleigh is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Sleigh has exhibited in the UK and internationally and has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Alf Dun Award (2008), the Davis Langdon Award (2008) and the RCA Society/Thames & Hudson Book Prize (2008).

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