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  • Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel
  • Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel
  • Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel
Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel
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Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel Energize, Natalie Mills - CultureLabel

Natalie Mills


Flux Exhibition

Sold Out

Original Painting


Energize was produced using flowing acrylics and gritty pastes. I allowed the paint to take on its own life and direction, with very little control on my part. I used a palette of just two colours, pink and white, on a crisp black background that makes the colours pop.  


Acrylic on Canvas

75 x 100 cm



About The Artist:

Natalie is an emerging British Artist based in Hertfordshire. She graduated from The Byam Shaw School of Art in London with a BA Honors in Fine Art in 1998. She has exhibited in various Group Shows throughout London and Hertfordshire in the last 2 years and has recently completed a 6 week artist residency in India.


After not so much as picking up a paintbrush since graduating Natalie started painting once again in 2013.


Natalie is an Abstract Artist working with Acrylic and Mixed Media. Her work documents a very personal journey, a therapeutic reconnection with art. As she has progressed creatively she has became freer, worrying less, and learning to look at things differently; a mirror to her life in general.


Her works are about being spontaneous, random and freeing the mind in the process. About paint movement and the unknown. About allowing the paint to flow and take a life of its own. Almost 'Accidental' with little control. About investigation and behaviours. 


She believes that ‘What’s the Worst That Can Happen?’ Mistakes are inevitable; and we learn from them. If it doesn’t work first time, you can start again or try something else and go back to it later. This has given her a lot of creative and personal freedom. Everything happens for a reason.


"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens" - Unknown


Not one piece defines anything in particular; it's not about the finished piece but the process of doing it, using the whole body and the inspiration to ‘let go’.





About Flux Exhibition:

FLUX Exhibition is a ground breaking art event and Pop Up Gallery space - a collection of the most dynamic painters, sculptors and performance artists which represents an alternative way to encounter today's best new art.

FLUX has established itself as the platform for contemporary artists to be discovered and to be part of an exceptional, unconventional art event. Hosted by prestigious venues such as The Chelsea College of Arts in London and curated by Lisa Gray, the founder of FLUX.

The exhibitions represent a rare opportunity to gain access to a diverse group of gifted artists, on the path to being the big names of tomorrow, showcasing international talent in a collaborative, curated show. FLUX celebrates dynamic, emerging artists on the precipice of wider accolade and fame.


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