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  • Buckingham Beeches, Laura Boswell - CultureLabel
  • Buckingham Beeches, Laura Boswell - CultureLabel
Buckingham Beeches, Laura Boswell - CultureLabel
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Buckingham Beeches, Laura Boswell - CultureLabel Buckingham Beeches, Laura Boswell - CultureLabel

Laura Boswell

Buckingham Beeches

Obsidian Art

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Hand-printed Limited Edition Linocut

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    Delightful woodland scene, this is a contemporary hand-printed linocut by Laura Boswell. Hand printed on heavy paper using archival inks, each piece is numbered and signed by the artist.

    Limited Edition

    Edition of just 10, each piece is hand-numbered and signed by the artist.

    About the Artist

    Laura Boswell specialises in relief printmaking. Her work focuses on the rural landscape with particular attention to season, pattern and light. Awarded an eight week residency at the Nagasawa Art Institute in Japan, she was one of six international artists to study traditional Japanese water based woodblock printmaking. The unique residency gave her the opportunity to learn from a master woodcarver and a master printer as well as working with Japanese artists, craftsmen and papermakers. The residency has had a profound effect on her work and she is now experimenting with combinations of water and oil based work.

    Laura says of her work, “I am primarily interested by shape and colour. My personal work focuses on rural landscape as I am fascinated by its pattern, light, weather and seasonality. It’s the perfect raw material for me: local, familiar and in a constant state of change.

    My printmaking and my public art techniques of enamelling and cut metal work are demanding processes and I thrive on the tension between what I want to say and how I can say it within the boundaries of process. I’m at my happiest when I’m exploring and I try never to get too comfortable either with my images or my technical skills. Teaching and sharing skills are an important part of my work and development; I reap huge benefits from working with all levels of learners as well as collaborating with experts.

    I’m not so much interested in an accurate depiction of a particular place, more I want to evoke a feel for the familiar and loved, perhaps a type of day or season. Mostly I am looking for ways of saying space and distance, though I’m still working on language for the simpler things too. I want to jog memories in my viewer of places they’ve been, walks they’ve taken or weather they’ve experienced. When I see recognition dawn, I know I’m getting it right.”

    Laura will be having a Solo Show at Obsidian Art Gallery in 2015 from 18 September – 11 October, accompanied by son James.  

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