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Own Art on Bridgeman Gallery

Buy Now, Pay Later - Interest Free!

Own Art allows you to safely and easily spread the cost of buying your art.

Borrow £100 - £2500 and pay back the loan in 10 monthly installments, interest free!


Look out for the Own Art logo on applicable products.



The Rules:



Works of art for purchase with an Own Art loan must be by a contemporary living artist. 
That's because we want the scheme to help support artists of today by encouraging sales of their work to new buyers.

Works of art must be created by and attributable to the artist
That is to say, they must be original works of art and not reproductions or copies.

Own Art is available for the purchase of limited edition prints and multiples only where the artist has produced these in an edition of 150 or less
This is because we want to ensure that prints sold on the scheme are of the highest quality and avoid our customers buying prints produced in editions of several hundred where the artist has had little or no involvement in the production of the image.

Own Art cannot be used for the purchase of Giclée prints except where the artist has used digital technology specifically in order to conceive and create an image in this media. Giclée prints that are reproductions of original images created in other media are excluded, even if they have been signed and numbered by the artists.








You can also buy jewellery over the value of £100 with Own Art 0% Finance. Look out for own art logo on applicable products.