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About Us




Winner of Best Online Culture Initiative 2017


CultureLabel is a unique online art gallery, showcasing an incredible array of artworks from leading artists. We partner with the finest artists in the world, from internationally renowned artists to up and coming local talents, to ensure that our collection features a premium selection of artwork from around the world.


Our commitment to quality has led to established partnerships with some of the world’s leading museums and galleries, such as The Royal Academy of Arts and The British Museum.


We value our artists, artisans, galleries and museums and endeavour to support them through our online platform. Up to 90% of profits are returned to our partners.



      "Express culture"


      "Thank you for your speedy assistance – really fantastic customer service all round."


      "How amazing that you and your artists were up for making this happen. It's extraordinary!"


      "It is a great thing to be able to support independent artists, and I feel so lucky when it's really possible!"




              "A one-stop shop for creative and quirky commerce"        




                          "Cool and quirky"


                     "An aggregator for the arts... One to watch!"


                     "An emporium of desirables"






Looking for something in particular? Our team is always on hand to help!


Simply email shopping@culturelabel.com
or call on 020 7908 1615 with any queries.