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Gary Hogben

Would be artist, Middle aged English chap living in Kent, I have always been interested in art since an early age, and I started off by doing pencil sketches of animals, and progressed onto watercolours, giving these away to members of my family.


In 2008 I started to experiment with stencils and spray-paint. Progressing onto collage work, the result over the last few years is over 150 artworks, including quite a few commissions. I have sold internationally to America, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


I have now started producing digital pieces using scanned British stamps


Some of my pieces have now been featured in the following magazines, Vogue - January 2016, GQ - February 2016, GQ - March 2016, House of Coco - Spring edition, Coach magazine - issue 23.
Gary Hogben

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