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Deepak Chowdhury

Deepak Chowdhury was born in India into an army family, and spent his early years at Mayo College, a boarding school in Rajasthan, then received a B.A. from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

Leaving India for the first time in 1979, he spent two years as a management trainee in England, prior to obtaining an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, and settling in New York to commence a career in financial services. In 1997, Deepak joined Legg Mason, an asset management company headquartered in Baltimore, where he spent the next decade
in a variety of senior management roles.

Deepak left his professional career in 2007 to explore areas of passion that were outside the corporate world, and he found it in travel and photography. The breadth of Deepak’s photographic interests span a range of subjects, such as clouds, graffiti, temple art, ancient erotic sculpture, and the truck art of South Asia. He is also an ardent photographer of village life in India, which he primarily captures while traveling by car, his preferred mode of transport in the country.

Deepak has also begun exploring the area of composite art, which thoughtfully incorporates and combines his diverse range of photographic interests. This includes his portfolio titled “Impermanence,” which brings together images of clouds and graffiti from all over the world. He has recently added a series titled “Boundless,” which pays homage to the wondrously colorful style of the women in the towns and villages of India.

Deepak Chowdhury

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