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  • Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel
  • Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel
  • Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel
Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel
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Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie - CultureLabel

Alice Gur-Arie


Bridgeman Gallery

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Alice Gur-Arie

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Grazing, Alice Gur-Arie 2012

This is one of two Icelandic images in the Bridgeman Gallery from the series Under Cloudy Skies; sharing its locale, coloration, creative style and theme with Soon It Will Rain. It contrasts a dramatic landscape with the quietly grazing horses. It portrays Nature as changeable, while enduring, and ominous yet inviting. This work was first exhibited in the Embassy of Iceland.

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition of 5. Signed and numbered by the artist.
Digitally repainted photograph, printed on Fuji Chrystal Archive paper.
Image Size: 76 x 51cm
Only 3 left!

Alice Gur-Arie is an artist represented by Bridgeman Gallery, the online gallery from the Bridgeman Images group showcasing original artwork from a handpicked group of contemporary artists.

About Alice Gur-Arie

Alice Gur-Arie began her career as a conceptual copywriter, graphic designer, and creative director, eventually responsible for positioning global brands, and developing and executing their marketing and communication strategies. Several years ago she returned to her creative roots, publishing work that "sits in the sweet spot where fine art and photography converge."
Ms. Gur-Arie achieved early recognition of her individual creative style with two series of works, Drama in the Fog, and Love on the Rocks from Iceland, Unsmiling Beauty, nominated for a Terry O’Neill Tag Photography Award. Subsequently, Tapestry, from the series Still, Quiet, Blue was long listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize.
In January 2015 Bridgeman Images invited her to become a Studio Artist, later profiling her as Artist of the Month. Last summer Mountain was selected for CultureLabel's Top Ten Artworks List. Her work also appears on the invitation-only The Art Circus site, along with a feature interview.
She has had 4 solo exhibitions, including The Iceland Trilogy at the Embassy of Iceland in London, and Black, White and Red in Nice, France, and has produced work on commission for customers in NY and Toronto.
Ms. Gur-Arie holds degrees in English literature, Education and Business from York University in Toronto, Canada. She is represented by Curious Duke Gallery in London.

Artist's Statement

Bringing my storytelling abilities into a visual realm, I overlay my textured, sensory world with a strong narrative.
But it is the concept of "seeing" that is at the heart of my practice. Combining photography with digital painting, I invite the viewer to replace the window through with which they see the world, with a lens that interprets the world into something that is at once familiar and foreign. Once engaged, I ask the viewer to question what they understand of this new reality, as well as how they feel about it. All the images in this gallery, from Iceland and Israel, are examples of this creative approach.
The work starts with a photograph, which I think of as my canvas. I use software to "repaint" the image digitally, as a painter would apply paint to the canvas. What is critical, though, is understanding that my art is not about "digital manipulation" or "software", but about my vision, and my ability to transform the canvas into an aesthetically compelling, memorable, sensory visual experience that is very different from what the viewer may have seen before.

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