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You Can Own a Monet! Introducing 3d Printed Masterpieces by Verus Art

Posted on December 12 2016



Ever dreamed of owning a Monet or Van Gogh...?

Well, now you can!


Throw away those 2d prints - you can have the real thing! (almost)





CultureLabel.com are excited to announce the ground-breaking Masterpiece Collection from Verus Art. Using trail-blazing technology to recreate exact replicas of the world’s greatest Masterpieces you have the opportunity to purchase more than just a 2D poster of your favourite artists work!


Each Masterpiece in the collection comes as a Limited Edition of 300, making this a rare opportunity for collectors and investors, alike, to own a significant piece of art history.




But how accurate are they?

This astonishing technology creates 3d replicas of each masterpiece, accurately recreating details of minute size, an 8th of a human hair to be exact! Each brushstroke is replicated, allowing you to see the artist's creative process. And, better yet, you can touch it! Forget museum barriers; you can get as close as you like! 






Are they authenticated?

The National Gallery of Canada’s museum curators & conservators have compared every detail against the original masterpiece before authenticating the edition and each re-creation comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the Museum director. The framing is also handcrafted and selected by the museum the work originally came from.






‘’CultureLabel and Verus Art are passionate about shifting the way the world lives with art for the better. We want to make art even more accessible and bring people closer to the works of the world’s greatest artists.’’ Lucy Baxter, Director CultureLabel, ‘’ also the fact that you can now touch the exact brushstrokes of a masterpiece opens up a whole new enjoyable way to experience art.’’






Getting Technical...

Years of research have cumulated in the ability to produce the most accurate and authentic recreations of the greatest masterpieces in painting. The Verus Art process utilizes the worlds most advanced 3D colour laser scanning technology to capture hundreds of millions of data points to precisely calibrate the hue, saturation and brightness of each colour while simultaneously measuring the relief of the great master’s brushstrokes. Once the data is analysed and compiled, state of the art elevated printers re-create the painting.










Which works are available?


CultureLabel now offers a tantalising selection of 3d reproductions of famous works by Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, Degas and Gauguin. Each artwork has 3 framing options, selected by curators to compliment each painting - choose the one that best suits your decor!




Jean-Pierre Hoschede and Michel Monet on the Banks of the Epte
by Claude Monet 



A Stormy Sea by Claude Monet




 Road at Auvers-Sur-Oise by Paul Cezanne





Woman With an Umbrella Edgar Degas






Iris by Vincent Van Gogh




The Quarries of Le Chou Near Pontoise by Paul Gauguin




Bowl of Zinnias and Other Flowers by Vincent Van Gogh




Every purchase supports art education and culture programs through the Verus Art education fund and museum receives royalties








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