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The Top 5 Instagrammers All Art Lovers Should be Following.

Posted on December 30 2016

Want to keep up to date with what's going on in the art world without having to trawl through dozens of articles?


Then try following an artist or art blogger on Instagram - the instant way to be in the know.

Here are our top 5 art instagram accounts that will keep you up to date this year!



Zabludowicz Collection


The Zabludowicz collection has a fascinating account featuring it's collection; one of the largest private collections of video and performance art in the world. Check out their posts for art that really pushes the boundaries!






Speaking of videos... the.moments has to be one of our favourite accounts of all time. Created by artist Jeff Hodsdon, the.moments posts moving portraits, mostly filmed in New York. Although only posted every few weeks, these living photos are totally addictive and a fascinating way of taking the traditional genre of portraiture and transforming it into something utterly contemporary.



a-n Artists Information Co.



A-n Artists Information co. may not have as many followers as say, MOMA, but we find it equally as informative and interesting. A-n knows exactly what's happening in smaller sections of the art world, often focusing on lesser-known, more local artists and projects. Their posts are particularly fascinating in the early summer months, as they explore fine art degree shows all over the UK, highlighting up-coming talent amongst the graduate artists to look out for!




Ai Wei Wei


One of the most inspiring artists of our time, Ai Wei Wei's instagram is full of artistic insight, as well as cute selfies with his friends and family. If you don't know much about him already, then stop what you're doing and google him now - a truly amazing artist and political activist.



Stefan Simchowitz


Stefan Simchowitz's account is the ultimate way to keep in the know with the latest talent. A collector and art dealer, Simchowitz uses his account to promote the best upcoming artists, both locally and internationally. This guy knows talent when he sees it!





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