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The Art of Christmas: Kate's Top 10 Gifts!

Posted on December 22 2017

If you find buying gifts for your family and friends as tricky as I do, this list of my Top 10 Gifts from our collection will hopefully make your life a little easier and give you some inspiration!

Fine Bone China Plates
Kim Sera
Anybody who knows me can testify that I am a full-time bee obsessive so maybe this is more a gift for myself than for anybody else, but whoever receives this set is sure to love these delightful bees!

Limited Edition Print
Run For The Hills
Map lovers and book-worms alike will appreciate this intricate map of London from Run For The Hills, which features characters from over 250 novels set in the city.  Look forward to hours of discovering new details in this beautiful print.
Fine Cell Work
Who ever said The Moustache's moment of glory was over?  Not Jenny King, who designed this charming cushion with metallic detailing and 3-dimensional moustaches for Fine Cell Work, an organisation helping prisoners to gain skills and establish financial independence. 

Candle Key
Silk Scarf
This is perhaps my favourite scarf from CultureLabel's collection; something about the bold colours and the fine feathers is just so appealing, and will definitely brighten up any outfit!

Sally Lees
Aluminium and Silver
These cufflinks look great both from afar and close up, each with a printed tigerlily design.  Sally Lees is able to recreate these in alternative colours, so anybody can immediately smarten up their shirt no matter what their style!

Charlotte Evans
Gouache on Paper
I really love this compelling original work by Charlotte Evans, which is somehow calming and vibrant at the same time.  The geometric patterns and muted tones will certainly look great in any setting, making this the perfect gift for art lovers!

Gavin Dobson
Limited Edition Screen Print
If you are stuck for gift ideas for kids, take a look at Gavin Dobson's fun, brightly coloured prints of birds and ice lollies.  Painted in a loose and carefree style, these look fantastic as stand alone pieces or hung together to create a mini menagerie wall! 

Sam Hicks
Limited Edition Photographic Print
This photograph has so much going on to enjoy and just gives off such cool vibes - a perfect present for anybody who loves striking scenes and exciting colours, this piece really does speak for itself!
Lee Renée
18ct Gold
A different take on more traditional hoop earrings, this finely detailed, hand carved pair will add the essential finishing touch to every outfit.  Whether you are buying for a jewellery fanatic or somebody with more understated tastes, these will definitely be a much loved addition to any jewellery box.

Steven Quinn
Limited Edition Print
There is something about this out-of-this-world print which always makes me smile - maybe it is the simple imagery overlayed to create such a humorous scene, or perhaps the diver's blind confidence - and I am sure it will make whoever opens this gift smile too!

Hopefully this list will help you get some inspiration for gifts this Christmas, and I hope you enjoy looking through our collection as much as I do!


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