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Top 10 Artworks Curated by Art Expert, Eleni Duke

Posted on August 24 2016

Eleni Duke founded the Curious Duke Gallery in 2011.

Since launching, the contemporary gallery has built an excellent reputation for promoting and growing emerging artists and provides one of the most unique exhibition spaces in London. 

Eleni Duke has been the driving force behind the Curious Duke Galleries success and we were lucky enough to catch up with her in-between exhibitions to talk about her top 10 favourite artworks on CultureLabel. 


Regolith, Kate Banazi

 I love the movement in this piece. The colours give it a real rhythm and beat but combined with the geometry it gives it a controlled order. It is truly intriguing. 



Everything is going to be Fucking Amazing, Lauren Baker

This piece is perfect for those blue moments. It really picks you up and puts an immediate smile on your face. It should be a must have for every home! 



FUJU, Rebecca King

This piece is caked in detail- I have been lucky enough to see it in the flesh a few times and notice a new element or detail every time. It has the ability to feel like a new piece every time you look at it. 



Study for a Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Charmin Baker

I love Bakers print style in general, combining kitsch with old master imagery to create a flat yet visually textured style of printing. Genius.


Wild Times, Louise McNaught

I absolutely adore the contrast of colours in this piece. Two regal animals proudly drenched in Neon pink and orange would be enough to make anyone fall in love with this art work. The flashes of colour really pop out at the viewer.

 White has a particular style to him which I have seen no one else replicate- his animals are urban yet endearing. This would make a perfect art work to have as the last piece you see before work every morning, giving a definite kick to your coffee prior to starting the day.


Bronze Odonata, Julia McKenzies

 This piece reminds me of the snowflakes we used to cut out as a child, the symmetry would always be stunning when unfolded. There is something so soothing about this image and the gold gives it that mystical edge and when up on the wall I am sure the light flickers across it in an enchanting way, lending the piece a warm yet ethereal tone.



I am in awe of this photograph – the sheer power and presence a mountain can hold is incredible! This photograph captures that so beautifully, the darker elements appearing through a light fog contrast so powerfully with the starkness of the white speckled with black at the fore of the piece.



Unexpected Relations, Otto D’Ambra

This artist is one of my favourite artists at the moment. His constant ability to come up with new ideas, symbols, and pairings is just amazing! This is one of my favourites… The combination of a stag's antlers and a crab's claws is as intriguing as it is powerful.


Melding, Simone Troung

I love the juxtaposition of light and dark in this Simone Troung piece. Sure to be a statement artwork in any room.





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