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The Curator's Choice: Trisha Woodcock, Obsidian Art

Posted on June 22 2016

Trisha Woodcock set up Obsidian Art Gallery in Buckinghamshire in 2002 after leaving a job as a management consultant.

“I knew I always wanted to run my own business and when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance to open a gallery to be able to combine my business knowledge with my love of art. Every day is a pleasure and nothing like real work – this way I get to surround myself with things I love and enjoy being able to give pleasure to visitors to the gallery every day.”

Trisha has also been an integral part in running the countywide Bucks Open Studios event since 2006 which involves over 550 artists and makers exhibiting in 200 venues across Buckinghamshire.

Trisha has picked her top 10 must haves from the CultureLabel collection, all wonderfully affordable and reflective of Obsidian Art's evocative, ethereal and nature-filled aesthetic...

1. Anita Klein – Untitled

"I have long loved Anita’s work, she has such a strong and unmistakable style. For me she captures the best of people - happiness and hope, warmth and humanity, and the simplicity of her lines gives her work a strength."

2. Rob Wass – Diamond Leaves Amongst the Mangrove Echoes

"The delicacy of the web of lines contrast to the explosions of colour on this print; both riotous and delicate, I love the balance and contrast in this piece."

3. Marina Dieul – Musette 2

"Marina creates amazing photo-realistic work with a 3D effect. She has recently been working with printmaking, and has produced a series of hand-produced lithographs using her regular themes of windows, mice and other animals. A charming and clever piece. Her work is becoming highly collectible too."

4. Mychael Barratt – All the World’s a Stage

"Mychael is one of my absolute favourite artists. He combines a superb technical skill in printmaking with a wonderful sense of humour that often references art and culture. This clever hand-produced etching is perfect for the 400-year anniversary for Shakespeare as it cleverly references all of Shakespeare’s plays in the one piece. Provided with a key, but makes a great quiz to try and spot the plays without looking at the key!"

5. Linda Bembridge – Walking with Birds

"Linda creates photographs with a painterly feel. Atmospheric and quiet, her pieces are calm and serene. Her travels have allowed her to capture images from around the world on her camera, and she will play with these in the studio, creating effects and layering images to evoke a feel of the place and the time."

6. Jackie Morris – The Space Between

"Jackie Morris is both a talented illustrator and children’s author. As an author her work often has an underlying story, and her work has a charm and an appeal to adult and child alike. This wonderful piece was originally painted using gold-leaf and on each of the prints Jackie adds hand-embellishments in gold ink, making each piece special and unique. This is a limited edition of just 45 too."

7. Jane Peart – The Temple of Heaven

"As a fan of printmaking, I particularly admire the complexity of this etching."

8. Flora McLachlan – The Thicket

"Flora’s work always manages to transport me to a magical place – deep into woods and forests bathed in moonlight where wild creatures roam. Flora studied Medieval Literature at University and this still infuses her work; this piece was inspired by Mallory’s story of the White Hart in ‘Morte d’Arthur’ and shows a white stag grazing in a magical woodland glade."

9. John Byrne – Moonstruck

"I am drawn to this piece and the narrative beneath combined with the mark making of the lithograph plate. I think it appeals to my dark side!"

10. Bob Marshall – Trattoria

"Bob’s interesting methods and processes give his work a wonderful atmospheric and timeless feel. This piece uses an old Victorian method of photographic printing but in a modern way – this is a hand coated Van Dyke Brown print prepared with a mixed media textured surface of tissue paper, newsprint and additional layers of cotton rag which add to the subtle feel of the image."

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About Obsidian Art

Obsidian Art is an art gallery based in Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire.
Widely recognised as one of the premier private galleries in Buckinghamshire, they pride themselves in showcasing some of the best fine art and designer craft by both local and British artists and makers.

Established in 2002, they host a rolling programme of exhibitions, some themed and some group, plus invited solo shows. These exhibitions are accompanied by an ongoing display of designer-maker craft - jewellery, ceramics, glass and more.
Obsidian show work by a broad range of selected UK-based artists and makers with an aim of showing some of the best in art and craft.


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