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The Art of Sculpture

Posted on December 12 2017

Celebrate the art of creating this Christmas!

The Art of Sculpture

Sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions, traditionally making use of stone, metal, ceramics, and many others, however within modern sculpture there is an almost complete freedom of materials and process.

Sculpture accounts for many of the world's oldest surviving artworks, often due to the durable nature of material used and still serving as inspiration for contemporary artists today.  Here at CultureLabel we have a wide collection of sculptures - join us as we take a closer look at some of our favourites!

Alison Wilding
Limited Edition Sculpture


London based Wilding, RA, was inspired by research into the first atomic pile, worked on by scientists in 1942 when creating this piece.  The stepped design alludes to pyramidal structures of ancient civilisations, and although all editions are cast in acrylic, the pigments used are all mixed by hand, giving each edition an aspect of individuality.

Table Stops
Fiona Banner
Limited Edition Sculpture

Shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2002, Banner is a Young British Artist, whose work often explores problems and possibilities within written language.  This was also the inspiration for this sculpture - a set of 7 boxed full stops, each taken from a different font.  Rendered in glazed ceramic, they are all enlarged to the same scale, and in her own words, "the act of arranging and rearranging them enacts a silent conversation".

Enrico David
Limited Edition Sculpture

David has worked across the globe for the past 20 years, often exploring the human form as a metaphor for transformation.  His work involves painting, textiles and installation as well as sculpture, and in this example he has used jesmonite and brass to bring another dimension to his original drawings.

Richard Deacon
Limited Edition Sculpture

Deacon is a contemporary sculptor, who has won multiple awards and accolades across Europe for his work.  Best known for his large, open works, he also produces sculpture on a smaller scale and works with wood, clay, poly-carbonate and cloth to name but a few.  Here, he has created a cast-concrete limited edition, based upon a study made from steamed and twisted English ash.

Reclining Nude
Debbie Smith, after Frank Dobson
Plaster Sculpture

Dobson began his art career as a painter, inspired greatly by cubism and vorticism.  After the Second World War, however, he turned more to sculpture and is recognised as one of the first British sculptors to carve directly into the material.  Here, in Debbie Smith's plaster copy, his flowing, organic style is clear, also showing the strong influence of African art on his work.

Fish with Tower Figurine
Hieronymus Bosch

Inspired by Bosch's intriguing painting The Temptation of St Anthony, this small figurine has been created by skilled craftsmen as a replication of the fish character in front of the brothel.  As with Bosch's original work, this sculpture is fantastical and bizarre in equal measure!





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