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The Art of Printmaking

Posted on December 12 2017

Celebrate the art of creating this Christmas!

The Art of Print Making


Printmaking has so much to offer as a remarkably versatile and varied medium, from lithographs, screen prints, and etchings to lino prints and woodcuts, there is such a huge range of art to be discovered and enjoyed here.  Almost every society across the globe has developed its own form of printmaking throughout history; prints made from woodblocks in Japan between 764 and 770 CE, European textile printing in the 6th Century, and even as far back as c. 3000 BCE with the Sumerians creating relief impressions in clay from stone inscriptions!  Wherever these developments took place, printmaking has allowed for the wide distribution of art and design to the general public, and we hope you will find something (or many things) you like from our collection!

Andy Warhol
Limited Edition Offset Lithograph Print


Synonymous with pop-art and world famous for his portrayal of a culture of advertising and mass production in painting, Warhol also explored other mediums such as printmaking to express his views of modern life.  This print to advertise an exhibition with lectures and films keeps to the minimal colour palette we associate with Warhol, and as one of an edition size of 800 is a perfect example of printmaking at its best.

Gavin Dobson
Limited Edition Screenprint


An illustrator form London, Dobson is inspired by Graphic Novels and American comic books to create a hugely diverse body of work, working with mediums ranging from large scale works on canvas to limited edition screenprints.  From an edition of 100 only, this detailed forms part of his 'Haunted Pen' series, a collection of detailed ink drawings.

Andrew Mackenzie
Hand-produced Lithograph Limited Edition Print
Edinburgh Printmakers

Award winning artist based in the Scottish Borders, Mackenzie skews traditional views of natural landscapes, contrasting man-made structures and shapes with organic form.  His unique layered style creates work that appears balanced and contemplative, lending itself well to the medium of printmaking.

Dan McDermott
Woodblock Print
Working across a wide range of mediums, from oil on canvas to woodcut prints, McDermott mixes traditional materials and techniques with modern scenes and fleeting moments.  He often gets his inspiration from vintage film and T.V. archives, and this woodblock print is a great example of how he uses these to capture snapshots in time.

Bee (Large)
Andy Wilx
Limited Edition Screenprint


Recently awarded ‘Best International Artist’ by the Global Artist Agency, Wilx takes from children's literature and folklore to create his detailed, intricate prints.  By printing with gold and pearlised inks, Wilx's work is subtly iridescent and truly individual.






With so many different styles to choose from and a huge variety of artists working within the medium, there really is something for everyone, and so much to be discovered!





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