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The Art of Painting

Posted on December 12 2017

Celebrate the art of creating this Christmas!

The Art of Painting

In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action.  Painting is arguably one of the oldest forms of Art, and still holds its own as a much loved medium. The earliest paintings can be seen on the walls of caves from approximately 40,000 years ago, and you need to walk just a few steps in London to see this tradition continued by graffiti artists today.  With so many styles and genres throughout the history of painting to enjoy and fall in love with it can seem like a daunting medium to explore, but take a look at this selection from our collection and you are sure to love the Art of Painting as much as we do!

Loch an Eilein
Koen Lybaert
Oil on Canvas



Belgian born contemporary painter Koen Lybaert describes his work as "abstract, atmospheric and dramatic", taking inspiration from the natural world around him to create carefully layered landscapes based on his own photographs of holidays and daily walks.  This oil on canvas perfectly displays his thoughtful and unique interpretation of nature as a complex and multi faceted subject. 

Dan McDermott
Original Painting, Oil on Linen


Taking inspiration from vintage film and television archives, McDermott's work is fast, energetic and remarkably individual.  His paintings are nostalgic of the American dream and design of the 50's and 60's, yet equally capture a very modern perception of the world.  This moment between two people is both contemporary and timeless - a fleeting experience caught at the perfect moment.


Metaphysical Landscape
Vasil Vasilev
Oil on Canvas


Based in Germany, this Bulgarian artist likes to keep his work open to the viewer's interpretation, choosing not to share his own personal feelings on his work.  This allows for a huge variety of responses to his abstracted, evocative style, so perhaps the less said about this painting the better - let the image speak for itself!

Koen Lybaert
Oil on Photograph



Another work by Lybaert here, this time with oil paint layered directly over one of his photographs of a natural landscape.  As with his other paintings, this contrast of texture and colour really defines his distinctive approach to the natural world, leading the viewer to form new perspectives on an otherwise familiar scene.

Charlotte Evans
Oil on Canvas


Having crossed the pond to work in Brooklyn, NY, London's own Charlotte Evans prefers to work from memory to create her vivid scenes.  In her own words, "images and memories combine and new worlds emerge", forming paintings with an intense colour palette and almost dreamlike quality, exemplified here.


No More Heroes - Lance Armstrong
Plastic Jesus
Acrylic on Canvas


Los Angeles street artist Plastic Jesus likes to take inspiration from the world around him, drawing on current affairs, politics, world events and society to create images which challenge a viewer's preconceptions of the content.  Injecting humour and criticism into each work, Plastic Jesus produces socially relevant paintings - such as this comment on Lance Armstrong's fall from grace - designed to provoke and engage on many levels.




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