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The Art of Mixed Media

Posted on December 12 2017

Celebrate the art of creating this Christmas!

The Art of Mixed Media


As the name implies, mixed media is a form of visual art with almost no boundaries - the medium can involve using anything and everything to create work, achieving many different effects.  Picasso and Braque were two of the first artists to really champion the technique with their cubist collages, and ever since artists have followed their lead and experimented with all manner of materials.  If you still need convincing, take a look at some examples from our collection, showcasing some of the best that mixed media art has to offer!

When You Made Me Laugh So Much I Cried
Lauren Baker
Original Artwork

 London based Baker is a multidisciplinary artist, inspired greatly by her travels to the Peruvian Amazon, exploring themes of light, space and the afterlife.  Renowned for her work using reflective materials, this original artwork showcases her use of bright colour and texture to create a truly unique piece.

Jimi - Midnight Red
Hand Finished Print on Aluminium

Collaborators Christian Furr (artist) and Gered Mankowitz (photographer) joined forces to combine their individual skills, resulting in the '45RPM' collection.  Colour and brushwork was added by Furr to Mankowitz's original photographs, enhancing the images' detail and nuances, as can be seen in this limited edition Jimi Hendrix portrait.

Strange Eden
David McConochie
Mixed Media

Based in East London, McConochie is traditionally an illustrator, creating work driven by narrative.  Known for his mixed use of media and layering of paint, McConochie often starts with lose sketches or found cut-outs.  As he says himself, "working in collage suits me as it allows me to work quickly and freely with a spirit of trial and error." - a freedom evident in this limited edition work.

This Was All Folly II
Tomas Harker
Acrylic, oil, and giclee print on canvas, coated in gloss art resin

Self-taught Harker is greatly inspired by classical paintings and re-discovered old photographs, aiming to re-work traditional themes in art through a contemporary style.  Mixing the familiar with the unknown, Harker is able to create mystery in his work, heightened by his layering of paint and distortion of figures.

Ice Cream Parlour
Anna Marow
Mixed media screenprint, acrylic and crayon on Japanese Ply Wood

Working in Bristol, Marrow particularly favours silkscreen as a medium, due to its flexible nature and many possibilities.  Her style is very varied, with areas of bold block colour and fine hand drawn detailing.  Throughout, she often adds scraps of text and photographs, as she has demonstrated in this one-off original. 

Garden Blues
Adam Bartlett
Mixed Media

With a background in fashion textiles and design, this London based artist uses traditional themes of still life and landscape as the basis for his work.  This work of nature is a great example of how he builds layers paints onto paper and board, also combining geometric shapes and bold colour to give new life to a traditional subject.


As you can see, what's not to love? Mixed media has so much to offer and endless possibilities to enjoy!





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