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The Art of Gifting - Why art is the best gift this Christmas!

Posted on November 04 2016


Everyone wants to give their loved ones something extra special at Christmas... but it can be a challenge to find gifts that they will love and cherish!


Gifting art is the solution! 


 All of our art is

made with love x



Here are 5 reasons why you should give the gift of art this Christmas!


Who wouldn't want this on their wall?


1 - Think outside the box!

Art is an unexpected, imaginative and personal gift that will wow anyone who receives it. Whether small or large, £25 or £25,000 - art is a thoughtful gift that no one would refuse! 




Would you ever get bored of looking at these pieces by Claire Brewster?




2 - A gift for life

Art is a gift that can truly last a life time (and beyond)! Art is often passed down through generations and often ends up being treasured family heirlooms.



We think David Shillinglaw works are fantastic investments!



3 - Investment

Art has always made a desirable investment. For one thing, it is tangible – everyone likes to be able to see where their money is. And if it’s beautiful, even better! 

It is also one of the safest and simplest investments out there. Buy them an original and it could soon gain a healthy profit. Although this cannot be guaranteed, if they love the piece, then keeping it will hardly be a disappointment. Plus, if they hold out a few more years, the value may appreciate – you never know!



Rebecca Mason's works will make you think...



4 - Support the Arts

By purchasing a work of art, you are helping support the artist who made it and, in turn, the arts community as a whole. As art lovers, we all know how important it is to preserve artistic talent !



This print by Clover Robin can't fail to make you smile!


5 - Joy

We doubt there is anyone who would not enjoy having a piece of artwork in their home. They say you can't put a price on happiness... but CultureLabel believes you can buy a little bit of joy!





 Stuck for choice? Why not use our gift consultation service?






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