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The Art of Drawing

Posted on December 12 2017

Celebrate the art of creating this Christmas!

The Art of Drawing

Historically, drawing has been used as one of the introductory forms of artistic training, although it is by no means a medium to be sniffed at.  Within the technique there is huge space for experimentation and development of style, as well as being the perfect partner for many other mediums.  Drawing is one of the oldest form of communications - just think of Egyptian Hieroglyphics and prehistoric cave drawing from across the globe!  Luckily for you, we have put together some of our favourite examples from our collection for you to discover!

How Theatre Works
Adam Dant
Hand-produced Lithograph Print


This Jerwood Drawing Prize winner created intricately detailed drawings, balancing reality with the imagined .  His work combines historical information with new perspectives, also injecting a healthy dose of humour, as can be seen here in this imagining of what might actually happen behind The National Theatre curtains.

Otto D'Ambra
Limited Edition Etching


Brought to etchings by experimenting with drawing techniques as a child, D'Ambra likes to be both critical and ironic in his work.  Deeply intricate, there is always a new detail to be noticed in his work, such as this etching of a lobster on a cross.

Limited Edition Etching


Peart's work has been greatly inspired by her travels across the globe, and often depicts scenes of these adventures working from photograph and memory.  Her copper plate etchings frequently used muted tones, creating a sense of nostalgia and calm in the scene, exemplified in this etching of Alhambra Palace in Grenada.


Ugo Gattoni
Limited Edition Print

Parisian Gattoni works predominately with graphite or ink in his surreal and extremely detailed drawings.  This dreamlike image is perfectly indicative of his attention to detail and the fine rendering of his subjects, and is one of only 30 signed and numbered limited edition prints.

Zoe Moss
Original Drawing on Paper


London based artist Moss, shortlisted for the BP Portrait Prize, often uses drawing as a medium, with her most recent work of a graphic style.  As can be seen here, Moss likes to contrast well-known individuals with out-of-character humour, resulting in amusing yet sharp works.

Limited Edition Lithograph Print


Fuller creates his maps as intensely detailed views into the identity of a place, weaving landmarks, human stories and historical facts together to produce complexly layered images.  This scene of London has been acquired by The British Library and Museum of London for their permanent collections, and is a fantastic example of drawing at its best.



Drawing really is a remarkably versatile medium, and with so many artists employing the technique, you are sure to find work that you love!





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