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CultureLabel Du Jour — collection

  • Curator's Choice: Felicity's Top 10 Artworks

    Posted on August 31 2017

      Hi, I'm Felicity from your CultureLabel Personal Shopping team.   To help give you inspiration, I've curated my top 10 artworks available to purchase on CultureLabel. As my collection shows, I...

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  • Curator's Choice: TAG Fine Arts

    Posted on June 28 2017

      CultureLabel are proud to introduce Hobby Limon; the co-founder of the art dealers and publishers TAG Fine Arts.As Director of TAG Fine Arts, Hobby has extensive experience in the...

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  • Get The Look: Eclectic

    Posted on June 20 2017

       Eclectic style is trending in the world of interiors. Gone are the days of magnolia walls and cream sofas, eclecticism is all about mixing colours, patterns and textures to create...

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  • TREND: Insects

    Posted on February 27 2017


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  • CultureLabel Loves: Butterflies

    Posted on February 15 2017

      Everyone is buzzing about insects and this week it's all about butterflies! Butterflies have long been a symbol of positivity among many cultures and religions, associated with life, hope and love. These...

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  • How To: Create a Gallery Wall

    Posted on February 10 2017

      Struggling to display your beautiful artwork? We're here to help!   Achieve your own gallery wall with these handy tips!          Checkout our Gallery Wall Pinterest board for...

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  • Happy Birthday Gerhard Richter!

    Posted on February 09 2017

        Today is German artist Gerhard Richter's 84th birthday       Gerhard Richter is arguably the most famous contemporary German artist. Primarily a painter, he explores the extremes...

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  • CultureLabel Loves: Bumblebees

    Posted on February 08 2017

      This week is all about BumblebeesBumblebees are essential to our ecosystem. These nifty little insects pollinate our crops, plants and flowers making the world a more beautiful place! Bees...

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  • Meet the Artist: Vasil Vasilev

    Posted on January 18 2017

    Surrealism meets abstract in these dynamic works by Vasil Vasilev We met with the artist to discover more about his unique painting style       Describe your work in 3...

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