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CultureLabel Du Jour — art history

  • Our Top 5 Mark Rothko Works!

    Posted on July 14 2017

      Mark Rothko was an iconic American artist who was part of the Abstract Expressionist group; a movement which developed in New York in the 1940s.   Untitled (1962)Limited Edition...

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  • Curator's Choice: TAG Fine Arts

    Posted on June 28 2017

      CultureLabel are proud to introduce Hobby Limon; the co-founder of the art dealers and publishers TAG Fine Arts.As Director of TAG Fine Arts, Hobby has extensive experience in the...

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  • Happy Birthday Jeff Koons!

    Posted on January 21 2017

      Today marks Jeff Koons' 61st Birthday   Koons is an internationally respected contemporary artist, influenced by Pop art. His most famous pieces are arguably his 'balloon' works. Made of metal,...

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