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Presents for... The Cat Lover

Posted on November 11 2016

A Creative Collection for Crazy Cat Lovers



'Catify' the sofa with this simple cushion...and cuddle multiple cats in one! 

Cats Cushion
Baines & Fricker



Big cats need love too! Sip your hot drinks in serious style.

Peering Panther Mug
Abi Overland



Go feline with this statement panther necklace!

Pouncing Panther Necklace

Rosita Bonita



Customise the table with these cheeky cat plates...

Girl Cat Plate
Katy Leigh



What Cat?

What Cat? T-Shirt
Thomas Matthew



Surround yourself in kitty love...

Cats Scarf - Elizabeth Blackadder
Royal Academy of Arts



Happy Cat-mas!

Bow Tie Cat Pair
Small Stories










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