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Curator's Choice: Ethan's Top 10 Artworks!

Posted on August 27 2017

Hi, I'm Ethan - one of CultureLabel's Personal Shopping Team! 

As an art lover, I wanted to share my Top 10 Artworks with you - I hope they give you inspiration!

If you would like assistance adding to your own collection, please do not hesitate to email me at:


Rising, Alison Wilding - Plinth
Sculpture, 2001. Cast acrylic with pigment


I love minimalist sculptural work, and this christalline sculpture is one of my favourite 3-dimensional items on the site. The crispness of the form and shape are beautifully contrasted by a feathery-looking interior behind the glassy exterior.

Slack, Charlotte Whiston
Limited Edition Silk Screen Print


Charlotte whiston's style is beautifully minimalist, but also hints at in-depth imagery which only tends to be touched upon in much of her work - she sometimes uses segments of photographs to make this more immediate. I love the smoothness of the shapes and the colourful hues of this piece. Slack is available in multiple variants, allowing you to find the perfect colours for your home.

Trees in the Sky #6: A Foreboding Sky, Darragh Powell
Limited Edition Print


Usually I like my art to be open to interpretation in terms of atmosphere, but Darragh Powell's trees is true to his form in that it seems very dark. I might not like to visit the world depicted in these artworks, but I love looking at them - what at first seems to be a simple composition actually goes far deeper with incredible amounts of detail. The skeletons of trees in winter always do fascinate me so it is nice to see them depicted here.

Composition (The Typographer), Fernand Leger - Art Wise
Limited Edition Offset Lithograph Print


Fernand Leger is one of my favourite surrealist/abstract artists, so it is great to see this print of his work on CultureLabel courtesy of Artwise.


Nord Express, A.M Cassandre - Art Wise
Limited Edition Lithograph Print

The dramatic lines, angles and high contrast colours abound in this lithograph are typical of french advertisements from this era - very eye-catching and dramatic. These angles remind me of Bauhaus-style aesthetics. 


Sarah Duncan, Gibbous/Cassiopeia - Curious Duke Gallery
Limited Edition Etchings

I'd like to see something different each time I look at an artwork hung in the home. Sarah Duncan's pieces Gibbous and Cassiopeia are two of my favourites for this reason. Photo-realistic in style, these gorgeous etchings feature beautiful matt textures and thick shades of black, grey and blue, capturing perfectly her unique visions of the moon, stars and space - beautiful sights of the natural world.

UFO archivist - Hapshash
Limited Edition Silk Screen Print
This Hapshash UFO print is immediately recognizable as a textbook example of 60's psychedelic aesthetics, and has to be seen to be believed. The brassy gold finish, contrasting with the orange focus (the word UFO) is truly eye-catching - I can see why it was such an effective event poster!

Dallas Car, Sam Hicks
Limited Edition Photographic Print
This piece has such a vintage aesthetic - the retro car in an empty parking lot makes a perfect foreground for the glowing city at night behind it. A delightfully subtle usage of colour and composition for this photograph cements it as one of my favourites.

Giverny 050, Koen Lybaert
Original Painting
CultureLabel has such a wonderful selection of original contemporary abstract paintings. Giverny 50 is one of my favourites because of its glowing colours and thick, distinct textures. It could only have been painted by Koen Lybaert, whose flowing, vibrant colours typify the style used in many of his paintings.

Love Out Loud, David Shillinglaw
Original Painting
I absolutely adore David Shillinglaw's usual style of work - lots of bold shapes, figures and text - all picked out in a selection of vibrant colours. The subject matter of his work is always intriguing and love out loud is no exception. I love the blues and reds in this painting - having seen david's work in person I'm sure it would draw all attention in the room to itself!

Thanks for reading my Top 10!
Many of these wonderful pieces are also available through Own Art, so one can split the cost into 10 monthly payments should they wish - making it easy for anyone to be able to buy and enjoy art.


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