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Curator's Choice: Felicity's Top 10 Artworks

Posted on August 31 2017


Hi, I'm Felicity from your CultureLabel Personal Shopping team.


To help give you inspiration, I've curated my top 10 artworks available to purchase on CultureLabel. As my collection shows, I love photography and screen prints in bright colours and strong contrasts!


If you would like assistance adding to your own collection, please do not hesitate to contact me at:





I own this print and it is one of the best things I've ever purchased. The vivid colours and bright white light are just as bright in person and it makes me smile every time I look at it!




Another photograph, another light... (I'm sensing a common theme here) I love this photograph, because of the composition and the colours. Why is a TV on the beach? Who cares? It looks like it shouldn't be anywhere else.



Ian Scaife is one of our newest artists, but already a favourite of mine. I don't know many people who can successfully combine two shades of pink with two shades of orange - genius!



Tim Hall travels the world capturing unique moments in nature. To me, this mesmerizing photograph is a contemporary reincarnation of one of my favourite paintings of all time, Pine Trees In The Mist which was painted by Japanese artist Hasegawa Tohaku in around 1850 - beautiful!



I love the illusion of depth in this painting, emphasized by the scale of the work. At 120 x 105 cm I could, quite literally, dive in! 



When font becomes 3d. Banner first displayed these works on a huge scale at the Tate Britain in 1998 and I think it is brilliant that this smaller version is available for collectors.



This print from Jonathan Horowitz is minimalism at its best. I could stare at this shape all day!



Black and white perfection. I love the way the clouds look like they are billowing out of the edges of the prints. Hung alone or together, this set would look great anywhere!



Just looking at this photograph makes me feel like I'm on holiday. The vibrant orange contrasting with the small corner of turquoise is the perfect medicine for a rainy day!




I love the contrast in this work; the snowy trees immortalized in a photograph forever only to be covered by a spontaneous swipe of paint. Somehow it just works! This is very reminiscent of Gerhard Richter's over painted photo works (one of my favourite artists of all time) but at an affordable price!




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