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Meet the Artist: Tim Hall

Posted on September 30 2016

CultureLabel is delighted to introduce our new partner Tim Hall...


 Tim Hall is a photographer who specialises in travel, landscape and portraiture. His aim to see the world through the lens of a camera was inspired by the romance of 19th century travellers and more recently, National Geographic photographers. His works are a lyrical response to the places and people that he has visited. Influenced by painting, they show his deep interest in the natural and urban world as well as those who inhabit them.

We always want our customers to know as much as possible about our artists,

so we asked Tim a few questions about himself and his work...


Tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself...


I began my career as a Jazz and Rock Photographer - shooting concerts in London during the late 80s (Miles Davis, Prince, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, David Bowie)
I have published a number of books, including some Indochina during my 7 years in HongKong and two on landscapes of the Alps
I love being up high, looking out (but with my feet on the ground). For me these are the most uplifting moments - when the spirit can fly and creativity begins
My work has hung and sold in the Royal Academy summer show for the past 3 years
When I'm not taking pictures I spent my time cooking (usually Asian inspired dishes)



Pick 3 works from your collection on CultureLabel and tell us the story behind them...


Merzouga Dunes

I spent a week in the Moroccan Sahara shooting the sand for a series called Dune  - most of the time I was observing the abstract patterns  but along came a camel caravan in the distance, led by a young boy - it was straight out of Lawrence of Arabia . I have been influenced by and studied the American 20th century photographers especially Ansell Adams and Edward Weston and these works were a way for me to continue that tradition but also to find my own voice. 

For me the desert, snow and the sea are like a canvas for the camera - I try to use these subjects to allow the mind to drift - the landscapes I take invite the viewer to reminisce but also to ponder life in a different world.



Storm II

I took a trip to Chesil beach to see the sea . As I stood a Storm began to roll towards me and the sea and sky began to merge and change. It was like a Rothko painting but alive. Some of my greatest  loves and influences are in the work of Rothko and Turner  and the way they are able to provoke an emotion through brushstrokes and colour   - I am interested in blurring line between photography and painting - my works are often described as paintings . When I am looking at the landscape i will choose a particular type of light, colour and composition before I make the picture and the resultl is often perhaps more reminiscent of a painting. 



Blue London 

The city provides a fascinating and endless subject for me through its constant sense of movement and change as well as its purely graphic aesthetic - its a man made landscape - 

I like to capture the magic hour of dusk or dawn where there is a particular light. There is always something surreal about these hours. This I shot from the centre of town as the harvest moon rose over the city. I like the contrast of this natural occurance casting its light over the city lit up by artificial light . There is something exciting about watching the city at night from above , the constant ebb and flow of energy. 





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