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Meet the Artist... Watch the Interview with Steven Quinn

Posted on August 24 2016

Belfast-born, now London-based, artist Steven Quinn creates epic collages, pasted together from cut-outs of old magazines, fanzines, posters and his own photography. Playing with imagery in a fresh and unique way, manipulating images from their original context into new and sometimes humorous narratives; the results are devastatingly poignant landscapes and portraits, often with an apocalyptic theme, including a series depicting 1950s families frolicking beside nuclear explosions and burning planets.


A Short Film about Steven Quinn from Art on a Postcard.


Steven Quinn has produced an image as intriguing as it is humorous for the Art on a Postcard Summer Lottery:

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"It’s a big melting pot where everything informs the other; a collage of inspiration, style, backgrounds. Most of my ideas strand from science and to date I think one of the coolest things I have done was to have had my DNA tested and printed as a portrait for The National Portrait Gallery”, Steven Quinn


Steven's other works

 The End of the Road, Steven Quinn


Livingroom Boom, Steven Quinn


 Divers, Steven Quinn


 Flying High and Lying Low, Steven Quinn


Bathers On Yellow, Steven Quinn


 The Road To Nowhere, Steven Quinn

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