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Meet The Artist: Remi Rough

Posted on August 04 2016



Contemporary artist Remi Rough has been making images for more than a quarter of a century.

His art began on walls and trains in South London in 1984. He moved his art from street walls to gallery walls with his debut art show in 1989 and has since gone on to exhibit all around the globe in cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, Berlin and New York.

A respected train writer, Remi has also played a significant part in the development of ‘abstract graffiti’, a term that seems far too clinical to describe the accomplishments of his work, which has always been about the interplay of colour and shape.

Remi specialises in large scale murals, and has worked closely alongside other respected artists such as Augustine Kofie to build a recognisable "retro-futuristic aesthetic". Head down to the Megaro Hotel to see for yourself - it boasts the largest mural in London - one of their incredible works. 

Above: The Megaro Hotel featuring Remi's work - Image courtesy of keepdrafting.com

Above: Augustine Kofie and Remi Rough - Image courtesy of graffuturism.com

Remi creates emotions in his work and is driven by form, shape and balance - something evident in the original work he has created for the Art On A Postcard Lottery.

Above: Remi's original artwork for the Art On A Postcard Lottery


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