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Meet the Artist: Louise McNaught

Posted on October 13 2016

CultureLabel is delighted to introduce new works by artist Louise McNaught...


McNaught has a mixed-media approach which usually manifests in painted-drawings on traditional and sometimes unusual supports. By subverting traditional representation she hints at darker consequences, yet paradoxically giving animals an elevated status. By drawing the viewers attention to the animals presence and energy, McNaught is hoping to share with the viewer the awe that the natural world inspires within her.



We always want our customers to know as much as possible about our artists,

so we asked Louise a few questions about her work...



Pick 3 works from your collection on CultureLabel and tell us the story behind them...


'Born to Die'


This work is about life cycles, how nothing in nature really dies as it breaks down and becomes earth which feeds the plants which feed the insects....and the butterfly has been traditionally used as a symbol for the soul, and I've touched upon this having the butterflies encircling the stag skull. The gold vines represent nature holding onto and transforming what essentially belongs to it, to be broken down to start again....



'The Spirit of the Night' 



Owls do not seem to be bound by the same laws of nature we are. With the very lightness of thought they defy gravity, just as at home in the air as on earth. Forming a link between heaven and earth, conscious and unconscious, night and day - birds like butterflies are universally seen as a symbol for the soul - so it seems somewhat fitting to put them on a gold and silver to hint at their divinity, just as religious figures have been traditionally depicted. I have painted this barn owl in high detail to draw attention to its beauty, and to how precious it is - like an icon of nature.



'Leaving Some Mystery'
This piece is about going with the flow’ of life. ‘I have always been fascinated with jellyfish and think they are such an underrated creature. They are not quite animal, not quite flora or fauna - though look as beautiful and elegant as flowers as they drift through the sea, and painting them is almost like painting an abstract as obviously they do not have a face. I wanted to draw attention to their beauty and mystery and elevate the status of the Jellyfish by placing them on glistening gold leaf which also gives an impression of reflective water which makes the pink and red hues really stand out....





Tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself...


1) I have 3 solo shows coming up in the next 12 months in different parts of the UK. I have one in November with George Thornton Gallery in Nottingham, one in April in London with Curious Duke Gallery and another in August with Chappell Contemporary in Whitstable. There will also possibly be one later on in 2017 in Switzerland (tbc)
2) My work is being shown on the biggest complete screen in Europe (8x12 mtr) on the Vérone Building Arcade for a week starting Nov 28th (20 images on a loop with my name credited) so people can see it as they enter Paris as part of a non-commercial venture with Pucci and Verte-Privee to show artwork that is of an ecological nature
3) I'm currently working on a body of work about endangered species which is to be published as a book.
4) I completed my Fine Art Degree in 2012 with the University of Greenwich and have been a full-time artist ever since.
5) I am obviously inspired by nature, natural cycles and animals, but I'm also really inspired by my two year old daughter who is so full of life and finding everything in nature so amazing at the moment, she always wants to go outside!


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