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Meet The Artist: Amber Elise and Win A Limited Edition Screen Print!

Posted on March 22 2017


Amber Elise is a London-based artist whose bright, colourful work is inspired by her travels in America and Mexico.


We met up with Amber to learn more about her practise and how she creates her amazing work!




Read to the bottom for a chance to WIN this Print!


Pineapple Pina
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print
Amber Elise




Describe a day in your studio

No two days are quite the same and I always seem to have a few projects on the go. I run a shop in Bristol with a friend so I get my Little Shop admin out the way and make sure all our contributing artists are happy. If I have orders I get them packaged and make a little trip to the post office with a cheeky coffee en route.


If I'm working on a project for someone else that takes over and consumes my day. Otherwise I may be sourcing new places to stock my cards and prints and always making sure current stockists are happy and have enough stuff. Personal projects tend to take a back seat so there's a pile of drawings which are never quite complete. 


On my favourite days I'm at Print Club screen printing a new design to pop in my shop, its hands on and not in front of the computer, thats the best!




Choose 3 words to describe your work

Colourful, fun and carefree. 




We love the bold, bright colours of your work – how do you choose your colours? Is it a pre-meditated or do you pick them as the work develops?


Choosing colours is so much fun and such an important part of my practice. It's definitely pre planned but I tend to change my mind mid flow quite a lot. Once a piece starts coming together you can see that a certain colour or shade isn't going to work and you switch it up, it can be a little scary when I'm screen printing but that's part of the fun.




Where do you find inspiration for your work? Do you have any particular artists who inspire your practise?


I take elements from lots of different places so there isn't one specific source of inspiration. I know what I like and the first things that spring to mind are my travels in America and Mexico, fellow artists, French packaging, the circus, Matisse, Bowie, Warhol, Kusama, its never ending and constantly evolving.




Last Of The Summer Fizz
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print
Amber Elise


You work on a variety of scales, from individual screen prints on paper to large murals that take up entire walls! Do you prefer working on either scale?


I really enjoy both, but painting murals is a passion! Preferably outside as you get to meet people as they pass and it's always interesting hearing their ideas about my work or the space I'm painting.


I hand paint the pieces, it's rewarding seeing it develop over the days as it grows from a rough wall, to an outline, to a finished piece. It's a journey and there's a sense of achievement when it's complete, stand back, deep breath then hopefully onto the next with a big glass of wine in-between.




You work on your own projects as well as on commissions. Do you like working to a brief? Or do you prefer the freedom of your own work?


Creative freedom within a brief is nice. Generally you've been asked to do a project because they like your style and once the initial idea is there you can make it your own. I like giving myself little briefs, to create a new series or collection.




We love the amazing mural you made for Peckham festival– what other exciting projects have you been involved in or are coming up?


Thank you.


I've got an exhibition starting in May in a cafe in Camberwell called The Pigeon Hole. I'll be showcasing a series of new screen prints and some paintings I've been busy working on, all based around the themes of Cocktails, Cactus' and Cut-Outs. 


I'm excited to say that this Autumn I'll be starting a new project with Studio Amour, a textile design studio based in Barcelona. Collaboration always brings around new sources of inspiration and methods of working. We'll be designing and printing together here in my studio in London and over there too!


My first mural was in a laundrette, that was a cool project. I contacted the owner and said 'Hey, this place needs a spruce' and he basically let me loose on the space, murals, wallpapering, the lot! It still stands today, six years on.  


South Side Fizz
Limited Edition Giclee Print
Amber Elise







CultureLabel has teamed up with Amber Elise to offer you the chance to win this incredible Limited Edition Silkscreen Print!



Pineapple Pina
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print
Amber Elise






Simply fill out your details in the comments boxes at the bottom of this page (your details won't be published) and add

'PINEAPPLE' as your message.



And that's it!




Detail of Pineapple Pina
Limited Edition Silkscreen Print
Amber Elise


The competition will close at midnight on Tuesday 18th  April. The winner will be picked at random and contacted by email shortly after the closing date.

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