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Know Your Prints!

Posted on June 09 2017

Screen prints, lithographs, etchings, giclees, woodcuts.... we have it all!

It's important to know what you're buying, so what does it all mean?

Here is our guide to all things printed!


Etching is a printmaking technique that uses chemicals to affect a metal printing plate (often made of copper). The texture created holds the ink, which is then transferred onto the paper when pushed through a press. The untreated areas repel the ink and are left blank.

Limited Edition Etching
Nana Shiomi

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Screen Prints

Screen printing is a technique that is made by creating a stencil (made of paper or a lacquer) onto a stretched mesh screen. Ink is then pulled over the stencil by a squeegee. Any area of stencil blocks colour transfer, whilst exposed areas of screen allow the ink to go through onto the paper. Each colour is applied as a separate layer, with a different stencil - this pineapple by Amber Elise is made up of 7 different colours!

Pineapple Pina
Limited Edition Screen Print
Amber Elise

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Woodcut / Linocut Prints

Woodcut and linocut prints are created by carving shallow grooves into the surface of a block of wood or linoleum.
The surface is inked with a roller, leaving the cut away marks untouched. Paper is then placed on top of the ink and the block is put through a press, transferring the ink onto the paper.

Bees Needs
Limited Edition Woodcut Print
Diana Ashdown

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Lithograph Prints

Lithography is a printing process that uses a flat stone or metal plate on which the artist has created an image. The design is drawn using a waxy substance so that the printing ink adheres to only these areas. The plate is then put through a press and the ink transfers onto the paper.

Lithography is a great technique for creating limited edition prints of existing artworks.

River Print 1
Limited Edition Lithograph Print
Andrew Mackenzie

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Giclee Prints

The word Giclée originates from the French word 'la giclée' which means 'to spray'.

A giclée print is a very high resolution reproduction of an existing image or artwork printed by an professional inkjet printer.

Withnail & I (Regent's Park - Sunday Hours)
Limited Edition Giclee Print
Murray Close


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