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An Interview with Tina Ziegler - Director of The Moniker Art Fair

Posted on August 18 2017


The London art world's high season is in sight, but this October it's not only Frieze Art Fair leading the way. Moniker Art Fair will be opening doors again at the Truman Brewery, showcasing the best of international urban art.

3 times the size of last year's fair, Moniker has come a long way. We met with the fair's director Tina Ziegler to discuss what we can expect this year and what the future holds for the urban art market.


Image: Cardboard Sculpture by Laurence Vallieres - courtesy of Moniker Art Fair


For those who are new to the term - What is your definition of Urban Art?


Urban art, quite literally is art in the urban domain that allows for a public dialogue, one that anyone who walks by can either participate in or not. To describe its vast rich history, the various related subcultures and technical styles within this space would take much longer than we have time for within this short interview.




This year, you have seen a rise in the number of international exhibitors. Have you seen an increase in interest of international art and artists? Or do you think your visitors are predominantly drawn to work by British artists?


While it’s been wonderful to see British urban artists be name-checked as Britain’s favourite artists of late, our scene at its heart is one rooted in a global, collaborative ideal, and that comes across not only in the art created but in the mindset of collectors. Moniker aims to represent the diverse and growing urban-contemporary art movement, and to do that appropriately we have to look globally and welcome artists from various backgrounds and locations. As the fair has grown since 2010, so has the scene, our reach and interest.



Image: Ivy by Jenny Boot - Courtesy of Moniker Art Fair



In your experience, do your visitors come to Moniker looking for a great investment? Or are they mainly there to find pieces they love?


Moniker attracts a very diverse audience, what I find that connects us is our love for contemporary art and urban culture. The artists and galleries exhibiting are there because they represent the best of the scene, whether veterans or up-and-coming names. So visitors come to see either the art they love, be introduced to new artists, or come with the intention to add something to their collection, but the great thing is that they don’t need to be mutually exclusive concepts. 



What would your advice be to first time art buyers attending the fair?


Buy the art that you love, that makes you happy or makes you think. If you’re thinking about the potential for investment, then buy the best that you can afford. You can buy comfortably at Moniker knowing that we’ve done the homework for you and invited artists already attracting attention within the scene, so trusting your gut and going for the works that catch your eye will make for a more satisfying first buy.

Moniker Art Fair aims to offer visitors regardless of their knowledge or experience with this sector, a chance to be introduced to this rapidly growing art movement as a whole and get the opportunity to not only learn a bit of its history, but be a part of it’s bright future.



Who are the artists to look out for this year? Is there anyone you'd particularly recommend investing in?


Obviously I’d like to wax lyrical about everyone exhibiting at Moniker, but if you are interested in discovering more hard figures and investment statistics then I would highly recommend to join the Moniker VIP collectors programme, where we go into more detail to offer individual collectors specific market insights based of their personal taste and available budget.



Image: Henry by Kevin Peterson - Courtesy of Moniker Art Fair



You have introduced a number of new features to the fair this year. Can you tell us more about them?


While it’s not a specifically a feature, but the sheer size of the event is worth mentioning: we’re three times bigger this year, which means over 40 galleries and 150+ artists.  This year sees the launch of a short film programme, an extended educational talks programme, our VIP Collectors programme and VIP lounge and a young galleries programme, which supports and highlights galleries with less than two years in the business. It’s very much a day or weekend out for art-lovers.



What do you think the future holds for the urban art market?


Well it shows no sign of slowing down. I think it’s important that we also take a second to stop and look around, it’s an incredible time for this movement. It has fought long and hard to be recognised as a valued form of art and within the market - and Moniker has felt that struggle. So I am just happy to see our artists doing so well, and Moniker have the opportunity to grow and continue to be an authentic global platform for the urban-contemporary art movement.


Image: Yuansu by Fin DAC - Courtesy of Moniker Art Fair


Moniker Art Fair will open at The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, from Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 October 2017.



Tickets are available from: https://www.monikerartfair.com/


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