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Happy Birthday Gerhard Richter!

Posted on February 09 2017



Today is German artist Gerhard Richter's 84th birthday




Gerhard Richter is arguably the most famous contemporary German artist. Primarily a painter, he explores the extremes of his craft, creating both photo-realistic and abstract paintings.

One of the best known series from his career, is a group six paintings entitled 'Cage'. These works, which he created in response to music by John Cage, the avant garde composer, were on display during his solo show at the Tate Modern 2011.







Love his work? Here at CultureLabel we have discovered the 'new' Gerhard Richter; Belgian artist Koen Lybaert - an artist in high demand of collectors world wide!



Loch an Eilein
Koen Lybaert



Giverny 033
Koen Lybaert



Troup Head - Aberdeenshire
Koen Lybaert








All Koen Lybaert's works are available for purchase with Own Art 0% - spread out the cost over 10 months!




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