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Get The Look: Eclectic

Posted on June 20 2017


 Eclectic style is trending in the world of interiors. Gone are the days of magnolia walls and cream sofas, eclecticism is all about mixing colours, patterns and textures to create a truly unique space. But more isn't necessarily more when it comes to this trend.

Here are our top 3 tips to help you achieve the perfect look.

Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration!




Hanging artwork is one of the easiest ways to start creating an eclectic look. Select something different (a bold colour perhaps?) but make sure you love it - you have to live with it after all! Putting up a work of art instantly transforms a room. Can't decide on just one? Why not create a gallery wall by hanging them in a group?




Don't want to go overboard? Or working with a limited budget? Why not be selective and buy some individual quirky pieces; unusual dinnerware, cushions or lighting. These details will add interest and make your space feel more homely and personalised.




Mix It Up:

Play with colour, scale, pattern and texture to create a truly eclectic look. Struggling to make it work? Start with the basics; muted furniture and walls act as a blank canvas, allowing you freedom to add different colours, patterns and textures with accessories, plants and lighting.





Check out our Eclectic Pinterest board for inspiration!





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