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David Bowie's Collection at Sotheby's

Posted on November 11 2016



Rock star David Bowie's Art Collection is up for auction this week at Sotheby's, London



Intrigued, CultureLabel decided to have a snoop around 


We don't know about you, but when we heard that the rock star's art collection was to be auctioned, we envisioned a few works by a selection of big, world-famous names going for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

But how wrong we were!





Yes, there were still big names; Damien Hirst (above), Pablo Picasso, John Minton, Sir Terry Frost, Sir Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, Frank Auerbach, Victor Passmore,  Marcel Duchamp and Patrick Caufield (to name but a few) all make an appearance!


However, Bowie's taste is so fantastic, these works are simply a joy to look at.

This is also partially down to the curators who somehow managed the seemingly impossible task of displaying Bowie's 350 eclectic pieces together in just a few rooms - mixing the old and the new, the famous and the lesser-known together in harmony... Genius!


But it's not just paintings and sculptures that are up for sale. During his many years of collecting Bowie gathered an enormous range of furniture. Sofas, lamps, tables, wardrobes, vases and plates sit among the paintings - all up for grabs!






But this auction is only for wealthy collectors right?


Although the artwork and furniture created by famous artists and designers have high estimates for the auction - pieces by lesser-known creatives have affordable value estimates starting from just £200!





Not interested in making a purchase?

Just go to the exhibition - this multicoloured Aladdin's cave is definitely worth a look!




 Are you a big David Bowie fan?


Why not take a look at our selection of works of the rock star!









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