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Meet the Artist: Vasil Vasilev

Posted on January 18 2017

Surrealism meets abstract in these dynamic works by Vasil Vasilev

We met with the artist to discover more about his unique painting style




Describe your work in 3 words

mood, music, finale...




Tell us about your painting method

I use classic painting methods, but often working in a variety of mediums at once - acrylic, chalk, crayons, oil paints. I do not know how the work will look from the outset. The work is born in the process, otherwise the picture becomes rigid. I want my paintings to be full of light and emotion






Describe a day in your studio

Every day is different, depending on my mood and the type of work I make ... I always listen to music, sometimes go out, then again ... keep working when the picture is ready, and I’m happy ... :) 



Do you consider your works as abstracts or landscapes? Or somewhere between the two?

For many years I painted landscapes, mostly rural houses from Bulgaria, portraits and so on. I was a realistic painter. But my style changed as my life did; my move to Germany affected my work ... but yes, I would say that this my paintings sit somewhere between the two.






What are your biggest influences?

I like many international artists, but I wouldn’t say that they directly/consciously influence my work. I try to be me ... although you can always find something similar to other artists. We live in the 21st century, so almost everything we do has already been done in the past.






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