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Posted on October 13 2017

Hey! I'm Aidan - the newest member of the CultureLabel Team!

I thought I'd share with you my Top 10 Artworks from CultureLabel, I hope you love them as much as I do.

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The Romans I
Steven Quinn
Limited Edition Print

What I find most interesting about Steven Quinn's work is his complex play with imagery. The humorous nature of his work more often than not seems to veil the more ominous and darker sides to his practice which I find extremely interesting.

Untitled, 2015
Enrico David
Limited Edition Sculpture

Enrico David works with form and the body in a very unique way. He focuses not on traditional physicality of the body but exploring the body from a deeply psychological point of view. I find his work very meditative - something new is always to be discovered in each piece.

Studio Print Donald Judd
Ian Whittlsea
Limited Edition Screen Print

Whittlsea's practice is often concerned with words, and with the lives and works of other artists and writers. Using white paint on a dark ground each canvas simply names the place where an artist or writer worked, in this case Donald Judd. I was firstly drawn to this work for my love of Judd and the stylized nature of the print. However, what became more important was the poetic nature of Whittlsea's work. You begin to contemplate on personal important geographical locations or where you are most creative or happy - as Judd was in his studio in Marfa, Texas.

The Kiss, 2013
Dan McDermott
Oil on Linen

McDermott’s vivid, sleek and glossy oil paintings hold in perfect balance the relationship between image and the materiality of paint. His practice concerns itself with notions of reproduction, reality and the image as construct. Images are constructed just as the kiss in Pierrot Le Fou (my favorite film of all time). It's interesting to contemplate where reality ends and image begins.

Untitled (rectangle with hat and arm), 2015
Julia Wachtel
Archival inkjet and screen print 

Wachtel's work depicts a young dancer in a tutu, censored by a grey rectangle, turning the texture and colors of her costume into abstraction. Visually, the grey square becomes more important than the young dancer. Wachtel is best known for work that actively unsettles our vast visual vocabulary, which is most certainly apparent in this work.


Blue & Gray
Mark Rothko
Offset Lithograph print


One of my favorite spaces in London is the Rothko room at Tate Modern; a gallery space containing several Large Rothko works. I love this room so much because of its contemplative nature. Rothko turns the colors black, dark blue and grey into something extremely calming rather than daunting and I believe that is part of what makes this print so special.

Over the River, project for the Arkansas River
Javacheff Christo
Signed Offset Lithograph


Since discovering art I have been in love with Christo's work. The Over the River project is an upcoming project from Christo, which would suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, luminous cloth over a 42 mile stretch of the Arkansas River between Salida and Canon City in south-central Colorado. Christo's large-scale works are what I find so attractive about his practice. He will stop at nothing to make these artworks even if it means fighting for years to get permission, or selling enough works to raise funds for the project. This kind of dedication to your art is something so admirable and rare.


Nice Pool
Slim Aarons
Photographic Print
£100 - £635

There is nothing quite like the escapism in Aaron's photographs. Slim Aarons is an iconic photographer who worked mainly for society publications, taking pictures of the rich and famous. However, what I love about this particular image is the constructed nature of the shot. The construction of the image, the marble columns, pool against ocean, the manicured green.

Mountains Of The Judean Desert
Tal Paz-Fridman
Limited Edition Print

What drew to me to these prints was their timeless quality. However, the sand allows the forms and shapes in these mountains shift frequently and adapt, just as if they were a living entity. It reminds you that nature is forever changing. Timelessness is a human reality, not a natural one. 

Pablo Picasso
Limited Edition Linocut

I thought I would end on this spectacular Picasso Lino cut. This is a great example of west African art's influence on Picasso's practice. Looking at primitive or non-western forms of art became a large part of Picasso's practice and allowed him to innovate as he did.


We hope you enjoyed Aidan's selection of CultureLabel artworks!

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