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Curator's Choice: TAG Fine Arts

Posted on June 28 2017


CultureLabel are proud to introduce Hobby Limon; the co-founder of the art dealers and publishers TAG Fine Arts.

As Director of TAG Fine Arts, Hobby has extensive experience in the art world, and is an expert on contemporary art.

Here are Hobby's top 10 favourites from the CultureLabel collection, all inspired by our great capital city, London!


1. Adam Dant – William Shakespeare’s Shorediche 

''Exceptional draughtsman Adam Dant, who in 2015 was appointed the House of Common’s Official Artist of the General Election, knits together history and personal experiences with humour and beautiful illustrations in his depictions of London. In celebrating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death last year, Dant explores the playwright within the artist’s home in Shoreditch, making this a visual feast with both historic and personal connotations.''


2. Tobias Till – E – Eurostar

''Tobias Till’s lino cuts, spanning London’s landmarks from A through the alphabet to Z, capture the extensive city in charming, graphic prints. E – Eurostar depicts the ease at which Londoner’s flit from city to city, country to country, and the abundance of culture that enrich our capital as a result of this.''  

3. Nick Fraser – Tube Map


''Instantly recognizable as our Underground map, Nick Fraser crafts his 3-dimensional representation of the Tube out of copper tubing and washers, giving an inherently mechanical feel to what we usually just see in coloured lines.''  

4. Stephen Walter – The Rivers of London

''Stephen Walter transports us back in London’s history, depicting the water ways which shaped the capital during the Roman Empire in the first century AD. It also interesting to note that many tributaries to the Thames lie beneath the street, almost like veins keeping the heart of our city alive.''  

 ''By intricately paving the streets of the banking district on this map of London with gold, Justine Smith accurately comments on our fixation with money, harking back to folklore and Dick Whittington, who in the 14th century, came to London to seek his fortune. Whilst money is the machine which keeps our city going, this map does bring to the forefront the extent of our fascination.''  


6. Peter Blake - Appearing at the Royal Albert Hall

''Peter Blake’s triptych wonderfully encapsulates the breadth of London’s cultural scene, bringing together music legends such as David Bowie and the Spice Girls shoulder to shoulder with historic icons like Dalai Lama and Princess Diana. It really portrays London as a cultural hub.''  

7. Philipp Ebeling – Tree Pruning  

''Admidst the bustling metropolitan life, German artist Philipp Ebeling made it his business to explore every nook and cranny of London when he moved over. This image of a park in Southwark truly overturns the stereotypical mayhem of city life, proving that natural havens do exist, if you know where to find them.''


''Whilst Darragh Powell made this print wanting to evoke feelings of nature having the upper hand on man, the sight of the CCTV cameras juxtaposes starkly with the previous artwork of finding a “safe haven” – we are being watched clandestinely throughout the day. Wandsworth alone has more CCTV cameras than Dublin, San Francisco and Johannesburg combined.''



9. Tim Hall – Blue London

''Tim Hall beautiful captures a city which seems somewhat unfamiliar – perfectly serene, basking in the glow of moonlight. A far cry from traffic jams and running for the tube!''  

10. Grayson Perry – Scarf: British Museum Map


''A vibrant scarf in Grayson Perry’s typically eye-catching style, he illustrates one of London’s most infamous museums in a way we have never seen before.''  

 CultureLabel Top Tip: Frame this scarf to make it a real work of art!


Want to see more TAG Fine Arts? Shop the range here  



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