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Curator's Choice: Sasha Galitzine's Top 10 Artworks

Posted on September 15 2017



Sasha Galitzine is an independent curator from London who focuses in working in public space. Over the last year, as part of Galitzine Mackenzie, Sasha curated and produced 4 group exhibitions in surprising places across London not previously appropriated for the experience of art. She is currently working on her first solo Project ‘Salon 63’ which will take place in hair and beauty salons along the number 63 bus route.

To follow the progress of Salon 63 and have a look at Sasha’s past projects please visit www.galitzine.com

'There is little method to the implicit madness of my selection of CultureLabel prints…the descriptions leap from vague art historical references to silly song lyrics!'

Limited Edition Giclee Print
From £200.00 GBP - £700.00 GBP

Who doesn't love Withnail and I ? This image by iconic film photographer Murray Close conjures up the exasperation, excess and manic joy Withnail is in constant conflict with throughout the film. Perched on a cliff, arms outstretched questioning perhaps his existence...

Limited Edition Signed Poster
£120.00 GBP

This is a print taken from legendary London-based artist Duggie Fields who’s written his first music and brilliantly entitled it ‘So cool’ - its so cool you’ll love it! Duggie’s video is totally psychedelic man. Having moved through various phases from conceptual to minimal Duggie’s work can largely be described as post-pop figuration - since the 90's he has been working more with digital media and has described his style as ‘Maximalist!’


Limited Edition Print
From £195.00 GBP - £395.00 GBP

Apparently you can commission your own portrait by Mr Woo Woo in the style of Soulstars.. what you waiting for?!

Limited Edition Offset Lithograph Print
£150.00 GBP


I did my dissertation on Kandinsky, Larionova and Goncharova. All of them emigrated from Russia and started developing their practice in either Germany or France. I was interested in trying to perceive what aspects of their native 'Russianness' were still implicit in their work. Kandinsky was completely radical in his perceptions of colour and shape, and his investigations into synthesia a condition which he himself had – in his case being able to see colours he could hear in the music he listened to whilst he worked.

Limited Edition Photographic Print
From £600.00 GBP - £800.00 GBP

I don’t know much about this photographer but he’s really captured a beautifully spontaneous outburst of humour and joy with these elderly women. I try to laugh and be as joyful as possible particularly when walking around London and it’s surprising how much joy is felt back when you work with a smile!

Limited Edition Etching
£1,100.00 GBP

Bellany rebelled against the predominant abstraction of the 60s of his generation. He took inspiration from his community - he came from a family of boater builders and fisherman and had a deep respect for the sea's power. He was also inspired by the Celtic mythology of his native Scotland, the Calvinist guilt that sprang from John Knox's religious fundamentalism. He created his own narrative language driven from his experiences and symbolic of his concerns of death and survival so prominent in the fishing community.

Limited Edition Print
£495.00 GBP

Luke Fowler is primarily a film maker. Fowler uses film to probe different modes of inquiry to try and understand questions he poses about the world and himself within it. He uses in-depth research and splices found footage together to create different viewpoints to build a whole picture. In this image these books appear to be clues to the image of the Rhododendron above. What links between these two images might Fowler be trying to convey?

£120.00 GBP

Leah Capaldi's concerns are influenced by the boundaries of performance and sculpture. She is interested in breaking down notions of object and subject. This is a scarf but also a sculpture, and by wearing it these boundaries are blurred and you become part of that sculpture. I am intrigued by notions of participation and inclusivity. Something as familiar and useful as a scarf being deemed sculpture is a brilliant clue to the possibilities of art making.


Limited Edition Lithograph Print

£60.00 GBP


Christo and Jean Claude remain one of the greatest pioneering duos in the use of public space for art. Nothing is impossible - from wrapping the Reichstag building to floating walkways across whole lakes - raising the money themselves to make their ideas a reality without relying on public funding. The work is generous and inclusive and bold. I think they have affected and converted many who have engaged with the work and perhaps changed their ideas on the capabilities of contemporary art. 

Dundee Contemporary Arts


I like the idea of collections and collecting. The ideas of meticulously gathering and then labelling and maintaining that Scottish artist Fagen documents here. Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to collect art…

We hope you enjoyed Sasha's selection of CultureLabel artworks. 

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