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CultureLabel Loves: Bumblebees

Posted on February 08 2017


This week is all about Bumblebees

Bumblebees are essential to our ecosystem. These nifty little insects pollinate our crops, plants and flowers making the world a more beautiful place! Bees are linked with magic, love and creativity - feel the love with this bumblebee necklace!


CultureLabel Loves:


Handmade 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Bumblebee Necklace
Pretty Wild Jewellery


This beautiful little bee necklace is the ultimate gift for Valentine's day, birthdays or simply for yourself (go on... you deserve it!)


British hallmarked and makers mark, handmade in the UK by designer Donna Maria Lynn and sent gift wrapped in a branded Pretty Wild Jewellery box 



About Pretty Wild Jewellery:


Pretty Wild Jewellery handcrafted pieces are for the creative individual who likes to be unique and the woman behind the brand is Donna Maria Lynn, a dreamer who believes in magic and fairy tales and looks up to nature for her inspirations, with beautiful textures and bold colourful gemstones creating pieces that are both elegant and edgy has become her creative luxury signature style.

Donna Maria Lynn distinctive creations are lovingly designed in her studio on a working farm in rural Durham in the North East of England, surrounded by animals, wild flower fields, the mysterious forest and the North Sea, which is all filled with magical inspirations which reflects in jewellery her designs.



 Love this piece? For a limited time only, we're offering a 10% discount on this item and many more in our Valentine's jewellery offer!





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