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Culture: 5 Questions with Debora Mateo

Posted on March 01 2017



INSITUCITY is a new London based studio who create beautiful accessories inspired by architecture & design.


We met with director Debora Mateo to discuss her views on culture and the future of the brand.



1 - What does culture mean to you?

Culture has a powerful and extensive meaning. My own vision about culture is related to the way that a certain individual would grow and develop their behaviour when he/she has been influenced by different cultures. I have been lucky to work in different countries and work on projects located in different parts of the world, which made me develop a feeling of constant learning; how being exposed to a new culture can stimulate you and in which sense "culture - mixture" can influence our society. As Culture is applicable to individuals and societies, what does Culture mean on a city like London, where its people come from many different backgrounds and cultures? In this way Insitucity wants to represent the city where you live, the city-culture in essence. 



2 - How seminal/influencial/important do you think art is to society/culture?

That relates to how the society interacts with art nowadays. In a city like London we are overstimulated  by new museums, exhibitions, arts fairs etc ...which elevates the society or the city-culture to a higher standards in terms of what people are expecting to see.



3 - Do you create to live or live to create?

Fortunately, I can't see any difference in my case. As I professional architect and designer I can say that I enjoy every project I work on "for living" as much as the ideas that I develop just because I love "creating". I consider myself very passionate about what I do for living, which is what I live for. 



4 - Tell us about your work- how and where do you create your scarves?

The creative process of Insitucity scarves mixes several ingredients: functionality, design & innovation. The design process is similar to any other architectural project: it starts with a strong concept that I then develop using knowledge and research to achieve what I am looking for. That means trying different designs and methods in the workshop. This is why the process is as important as the final result for us.

Where? As in many other creation or design process, the inspiration can come at any moment and from many places, you just need to be aware of it. 



5 - Where is your work/style going? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

I am part of that society we were talking about in the questions above, which is stimulated by the city. Insitucity work and style will always be going in line with the city influences.

I do have too many projects and so little time! Right now I am trying to prepare my first Exhibition / Pop-up in London, at the same time as working on the next collection. 

I am also aware now that Insitucity is starting to be known in other countries/cities and I am studying how to incorporate this attention that we are getting from "new cultures" into the new collection. 




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