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ArtPassport from GalleriesNow: An Interview with Director Tristam Fetherstonhaugh

Posted on September 13 2017


Introducing ArtPassport - the new app from GalleriesNow. ArtPassport is a revolutionary new way to see and visit art galleries around the world from the comfort of your own home. We met with director Tristam Fetherstonhaugh to learn more about this incredible app and the inspiration behind it.


Tristam Fetherstonhaugh - Director of GalleriesNow



For those who are unfamiliar with the brand - tell us about GalleriesNow. What do you do, how did you get started and what was the inspiration behind it?


GalleriesNow shows you the exhibitions on at great galleries around the world. We started it because there is so much fantastic art around and we wanted a better way to find out about it, to encourage more people to visit, and to see the ones that we couldn't physically get to.




What drove you to create The ArtPassport?


ArtPassport is 360º VR experiences of exhibitions, giving users a kind of virtual tour of the art on show at galleries near and far. We have always believed strongly that an exhibition can be more than the sum of its parts, so have used installation views from the very beginning - and about half a year ago we started experimenting with 360º views, really liked them, and built ArtPassport to show them.




ArtPassport allows you to explore exhibitions all over the world. How do you decide which exhibitions to feature?


There is a lot of art out there, showing at galleries all around the world, and the important thing we do is seek out the best and most interesting so that whether you're a seasoned collector or simply want to see some great art, you can rely on GalleriesNow to only show you the best.




Do you have a favourite gallery on the app?


Because of the way we curate the galleries I can honestly say that I love them all! What's great is to see the range, from big international galleries putting on museum-grade retrospectives to younger galleries working with the next generation of artists and breaking new talent.




What does the future hold for The ArtPassport?

More cities, more galleries, more exhibitions!



Get The ArtPassport App HERE




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