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Posted on January 19 2018


With the arrival of the London Art Fair this week, we're looking to the year ahead to select some of our top Artists to Watch in 2018!

Discover the top artists you should be investing in this year!

Rose Electra Harris

Spotlighted by The Times as one of the top artists of 2017, Rose Electra Harris is one to watch this year. Her work explores the dialogue that exists in domestic spaces - using collage and line drawing to create expressive prints. Her piece 'Peacock In The Orangery' was created for the Bridgeman Images Artist Party in 2017.

Holly Frean

Holly Frean is best known for her characterful animal crowd scenes and playful usage of soft, pastel style colour. Following commissions from John Lewis and Faberge, her work was shown in the RA Summer Exhibition - and is sought after by international collectors. See her work in person at the London Art Fair this week!

Janet Millner

Janet Milner is an printmaker who specialises in mono type printing. Embracing the accidental marks this medium produces, Milner creates humourous text-based works that express moments, expressions and objects of everyday life and giving them a new platform.

Eileen Cooper

Eileen Cooper is growing from strength to strength. In the past she has taught for institutions such as St Martins and the Royal College of Art. The first female Keeper at The RA, Cooper is a strong female voice in the arts community. See her work in the flesh this week at the London Art Fair!

Gavin Dobson

Gavin Dobson is a London based printmaker. A big fan of graphic novels and 1980's comics in particular, colour and nostalgia are two of his biggest influences. His works are typically very boldly drawn, often featuring thick line art or blocks of vibrant colour, with occasional sways to intricate monochrome styles.

Cathie Pilkington

Cathie Pilkington is a figurative artist who creates doll-like forms which challenge the art world's view of the human figure. Her forays into 3D are striking sculptural figurines. For The Bridgeman Folio, Cathie presents Limited Edition Lithographs with hand-finished details and neon highlights.


So, have you seen any works you want to add to your collection from our Artists to Watch?

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