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Artist Of The Week: Vikram Kushwah

Posted on September 19 2017

Discover the fantastical worlds of Kushwah's fine art photography, inspired by fashion and childhood stories.

Ophelia and the Umbrellas (Memoirs), Limited Edition Photographic Print

Kushwah's photography instills in itself Romantic visions and Surrealist ideas. His projects have strong narrative themes, inspired by the somewhat uncanny nature of dreams and how the memory distorts real facts. 

Emily Falling in the Library (Memoirs), Limited Edition Photographic Print

Vikram strives to ‘challenge reality’ and rebel against the modern world through celebrating the romanticism and innocence of the ‘pure self’ of the child.

Sought after by investors and Winner of a Cannes Young Lions award, Vikram Kushwah is one to invest in now!

Step into Vikram's dreamlike universe here.


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