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Artist of the Week: Kristjana S Williams

Posted on August 22 2017

Introducing Kristjana S Williams, our artist of the week. 

Kristjana uses intricate collages of material that have been collected from Victorian engravings, photographs, found objects and real leaves and twigs. 
Lear og Barraband Gaukar / Limited Edition Print

Originally from Iceland, Kristjana is a collage artist whose vibrant work has been selected for many prestigious projects and events, including the Rio Olympics.

Raudbedur / Limited Edition Print

As a child growing up amongst a stark landscape, Kristjana was always craving colour and natural wonders. Now she can see the true unique beauty in her homeland which adds even more inspiration.

Kristjana's fantastical style is sought after by international collectors and is hanging in public and private collections worldwide.

Inis / Limited Edition Print

Want to jump into the world of Kristjana S Williams?
Look no further!


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