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Artist of the week: David Shillinglaw

Posted on October 24 2017

Introducing our artist of the week, David Shillinglaw - who we are currently holding a solo show with at The Palm Tree Gallery on Portobello Road, in London!

We'll be sharing much of his new work, produced in the lead up to this show, entitled 'The Mechanics of Happiness' in the coming days.

David's mental processes and the way we respond and feel about the world around us influences much of his work, and is a huge driving force in its aesthetics.

Red Haze, Blue Moon
Spray paint, emulsion, pencil on paper
178 x 165 mm

Mixed media on book cover

David uses his art to map his own complex thought processes. His practice reveals insight into his mental processes and his drive to make sense of them.

David has often said he wants to inspire others with his work and use it as a means to initiate discussion about important, but often avoided, topics.

CultureLabel have recently partnered with David Shillinglaw to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity and have produced a brand new line of limited edition prints and T-shirts featuring bespoke designs - these are all available now, exclusively on CultureLabel in limited numbers.

Only Human Unisex T-Shirt

David Shillinglaw x Mind

You Are Here
David Shillinglaw x Mind
Limited Edition Print
From £100

"David is a mind adventurer, where the left half of the brain explores the right one. Unanswered, impulsive, instinctive and restless - David doesn’t paint or draw, he creates time. Evident in all his work is that David Shillinglaw is not afraid to humanise his art."

Meta Mess
David Shillinglaw
Mixed Media

Reconstruction 1
David Shillinglaw
Mixed Media

"He incorporates the perceptual concern of his journey as a man with his own sense of humour. The result is a powerful and fresh interpretation of everyday reality."

Cactus Print
David Shillinglaw
Limited Edition Print

We've only dipped into the huge range of styles and mediums David utilises. For more information on The Mechanics of Happiness, David's solo show, click here.
To shop the range of works available at the exhibition, click here.

Discover his incredible collection of all work here - all original artworks are available with Own Art 0% finance, enabling buyers to split the cost over a period of 10 months.

We hope you enjoyed our spotlight on one of our favourite artists!


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